Hoda Kotb Racked with ‘Medical Emergency’ Live on Air

TODAY Show anchor Hoda Kotb is used to being in the spotlight. She’s usually a pro on air, but on February 1, 2024, she chose to go to work despite experiencing what Jenna Bush Hager called a “medical emergency.”

In the third hour of TODAY, Kotb and Hager were live on air when Kotb admitted that something was seriously wrong. She said, “I think I have a contact stuck in my eye.” Kotb downplayed the seriousness of the situation, but if you have ever had a contact stuck in your eye, you know how painful and scary this can be.

Hager was immediately worried and asked, “Is this a medical emergency?”

Kotb explained, “I was going to go to the eye doctor, but I didn’t have time.” She went on to ask viewers to share their “tricks about how to get it out” on X (formerly Twitter).

Hoda thinks she has a contact stuck in her eye 😳 If you have any tips on how to get it out, let @hodakotb know 👇 pic.twitter.com/Um7BBlQtQ0

— TODAY with Hoda & Jenna (@HodaAndJenna) February 1, 2024


Despite her concern, Hager tried to keep the show going on schedule, but it wasn’t easy. Yahoo! reports that after a commercial break, Hager announced, “Hoda’s now lost all eyesight because her other contact fell out.”

Thankfully, TODAY viewers ended up coming through and offering advice about how to remove a contact stuck in your eye. Kotb tried out some of the advice that fans shared on X live during the show while looking in a handheld mirror.

One fan wrote, “Hoda, lift your eyelid all the way up and look all the way down, and it will slide down.” Watch the video below to see Kotb try this advice live on air.

Hoda was able to take out one of the contacts! Thanks everyone for your advice

Have you ever had a contact stuck in your eye?