Home Improvement Star Bad News

When he was a child, Zachary Ty Bryan was better known to the world as Brad Taylor, the oldest son of Tim “the Tool Man” Taylor, played by Tim Allen, on the sitcom “Home Improvement.” For years after the show ended, he seemed to be living a fairly idealistic life, married with children and living in a wealthy southern California neighborhood.

In more recent years, Bryan’s life has been a serious of bad news. He and his wife split up after he cheated on her with another woman, a woman named Johnnie Faye Cartwright. In 2020, he was arrested for felony strangulation. The victim was Cartwright, but Bryan later told The Hollywood Reporter that the incident wasn’t nearly as serious or extreme as it sounded. He claimed they both had too much to drink that night and that Cartwright was the one who started the physical confrontation.

Three years later comes the news that Bryan was arrested for domestic violence yet again. TMZ explains that police responded to a domestic dispute call in Eugene, Oregon, the same town where Bryan was arrested in 2020. When the police arrived, Bryan wasn’t there, but they tracked him down.

The arrest took place on Friday July 28, 2023. As of Monday morning, he is still behind bars.

It has not been confirmed if Cartwright was once again the victim or not, but it is likely that that’s the case since the arrest took place in the same location as before. To make matters more complicated, Cartwright and Bryan are currently engaged, and they have three children together.

While the struggles and lessons learned on “Home Improvement” were resolved within one episode, real life is more complicated. The story is still evolving.

Here’s a throwback look at how easily difficult circumstances were resolved for Bryan’s character, Brad, on “Home Improvement.”