‘Hulk’ Star Lou Ferrigno Sad News

Lou Ferrigno married his wife, Carla, back in 1980. The couple is a great example of what a happy, successful marriage looks like. They have now been married for 43 years, and they have three children together.

Unfortunately, Ferrigno is now claiming that his wife is currently much different than the woman he married. According to court documents obtained by The Blast, the former Mr. Universe claims that his wife is suffering from “advanced dementia.”

As a result of her condition, Ferrigno is attempting to gain sole control of the family trust since his wife is no longer able to make financial decisions. A representative for Ferrigno described her condition saying, “She has severe memory impairment and psychosis, and is no longer the same person who Lou knew for decades.”

According to a court filing, “Lou remains devoted to caring for Carla who needs twenty-four-hour care. While Carla is a named co-trustee of the Trust, she is unable to act under the terms of the Trust if a physician declares her incapacitated in writing.”

A note written by Carla’s physician on September 1, 2023, states that it’s “necessary to confirm the Trust’s directive that Mr. Ferrigno is the sole Trustee to administer the Trust to ensure the welfare of his wife suffering from dementia-Alzheimer’s disease.

Before Lou and Carla married, Carla worked as a psychotherapist. After their marriage, she worked as her husband’s manager and as a physical therapist. Meanwhile Lou started his career as a bodybuilder, but he is probably best known for playing the title character on the series “The Incredible Hulk.” After the show ended, he kept his acting career alive on TV shows and in films including “Hercules,” “The King of Queens,” and “Con Man.”

Watch the video below to see a throwback video of a time when the Ferrignos discussed what makes their marriage successful.