Husband Dies Suddenly Leaving Wife With 8 Kids, His Hidden Disease Was Overlooked By Everyone

Cloe Green, a young mother from Dyffryn Ardudwy, North Wales, has shared her heart-wrenching journey after losing her husband, James, at the age of 31, just 12 weeks after giving birth to their eighth child, Elijah. Cloe tried desperately to save James’s life and even performed CPR, but he passed away in his sleep.

The couple’s dream of a large family, which started when they had their first child, Leo, when Cloe was just 17, eventually led to the birth of their eighth child, Elijah. James had always wanted a big family and would often say, “Just one more” with a wink.

Despite the devastating loss, Cloe is determined to be a mother and father to their children, Leo, Levi, Oliver, Megan, Miley, Lacey, Lexi, and Elijah. She described the heart-wrenching moment of telling their children about their father’s passing as the hardest thing she has ever done.

In a bid to create lasting memories of their family, Cloe is crowdfunding to raise £5,000 to finish the garden project that James never had a chance to complete for their children.

Cloe and James had embraced their growing family, never feeling the need to justify their decision to have a big family. They supported their family through James’s hard work in a café, often working long hours to provide for their brood.

In time, the couple decided it was time to complete their family. However, when Cloe sought a contraceptive implant, it failed, and she soon became pregnant again. James believed that it was meant for them to have more babies. Their family felt complete with the arrival of Elijah, who had spent time in the hospital’s special care baby unit due to his low birth weight.

Tragically, on a day out with the older kids, James passed away suddenly from hypertensive heart disease. Cloe had to perform CPR before paramedics arrived, but her beloved husband could not be saved. She faced the heartbreaking task of telling their children that their father had gone to heaven to be with their grandad.

As a young widow with eight children, Cloe’s life has changed dramatically, and she has leaned on her family and the support of benefits. In her darkest moments, she wondered how she would manage without James but knew she had to do it for their children and in his honor.

Now, eight months after her husband’s passing, Cloe has found strength in her memories of James with their children, as he cherished being a dad. To commemorate him, they perform positive actions like releasing balloons to float to heaven when the children feel sad.

Cloe’s resilience in the face of tragedy serves as a testament to the love she has for her family and the memory of James, who had a deep appreciation for being a father.