I Slept With An Onion In My Sock And This Is What Happened

To be honest, I didn’t believe it either, but the effects are mind-boggling!

There are a number of old wives’ tales that seem too good to be true (and crazy, of course!). They don’t make any logical sense, but somehow they still work!

And this post is going to talk about something similar – onion in the sock!

Trust me, people do swear by it! Even though it emits an unpleasant, foot odor. So let me present to you the onion and sock tale!

Wondering how it can even be beneficial to you? Then go ahead and read this post!

Were you aware of the fact that the bottom areas of your feet have direct access points to all the internal organs in your body? As per Chinese medicine terminology, these access points are known as meridians, and they form the pathways to each organ in the body.

There has been an age-old controversy regarding the existence of meridians, but those who are well versed with Chinese medicine know that the meridian system is very closely related to our body’s nervous system.

Experts say that there are about 7,000 meridians at the bottom of our feet that directly link to different organs! Can you believe that?

The image below clearly represents the meridians and their connection points with the organs and systems within the body.

These meridians act as powerful electric circuits within the body, but are often dormant as we mostly cover our feet with footwear. Stimulating these meridians is very important for our body to function healthily.

To stimulate the bottom of our feet and to ground ourselves with the earth’s negative ion field, it is always recommended to walk barefoot wherever and whenever you can!

One of the coolest ways to stimulate these meridians is to put an onion slice inside your socks (at the bottom of your feet) and wear them to bed. It can give off a stinky, pungent smell but it really works.

Here’s How You Can Do It:

  • Take an onion (red or white) and cut it into thin and flat slices (make sure it’s an organic onion to avoid any side effects of pesticides like fungal infections).
  • Place the onion slice in your socks (under your foot, like a platform), and sleep as you usually do.

As you sleep, the healing properties of the onions will be absorbed by the feet, and this will help in stimulating the meridians.

Onions are considered a part of folk medicine due to its application for treating various illnesses, and are known for their magical healing power. They are also known as natural air purifiers, and when applied directly to the skin, they tend to remove the bacteria and kill the germs. The phosphoric acid (the substance that irritates our eyes while chopping onions) present in onions helps in purifying the blood as it enters the blood vessels.

You have nothing to lose by giving this onion and sock therapy a try! It comes with a number of benefits. They are:

Blood purification.
Removal of germs and bacteria.

Elimination of toxins and chemicals from the feet and making them smell better (believe it or not, it works!)
Alleviating symptoms of fever like cold and flu.

However, reusing the same onion slice is not at all recommended. So, be careful about that.

Who knew that something so simple and inexpensive can turn out to be so beneficial for our health?

Infographic: Benefits Of The Onion And Sock Therapy

The onion and sock therapy is one of those hacks that keep making a comeback on the internet from time to time. This hack may take a while for most of us to digest. However, there are a few ways this therapy can be useful. Check out the infographic below, where we have presented an overview of this therapy.

We understand if you are still skeptical about this. I was too, until I tried it! It is not a load of hogwash as you might assume it to be. You have read this article until the end anyway. Why not just go ahead and try it? What do you have to lose? Humor this onion in the sock method from ancient Chinese medicine, and go to sleep with a slice of onion in your socks. The worst that could happen is that it will not work and make your feet smelly. However, the best that could happen is that you would be waking up healthier each day!