In a matter of hours, I went from normal Flu to having my leg amputated.

After feeling unwell for a few days, James Mackey went to the doctor and was diagnosed with the flu. Sadly, in addition to this additional illness, he also had his leg and a portion of it amputated.

In order for Mackey to get up and play with his children, he is now seeking assistance.

A serious illness called sepsis can quickly result in organ failure and death. It was fortunate for Mr. Mackey that his specialist recognized the warning signs and called 911.

In the hospital, he received antibiotic treatment and was ventilated for two weeks. After that, Mackey was moved to Stoke Mandeville Hospital’s intensive care unit. He recovered completely after receiving treatment for a foot infection.

According to Mackey’s sister Lucy Webb, he was informed on November 9 that both of his legs would need to be amputated below the calf.

30 years old Mackey was transferred to the intensive care unit, where he is doing well. In order for him to return home from the hospital and resume his normal life, his family is currently soliciting donations.

Mrs. Webb went on to say “He is bright and extremely optimistic. He has a teenage daughter and two boys in primary school, so he is very busy. He wants to get up and play football with his kids right now.”

He plays soccer and rides his bike, but he accepts what happened. Through a Go Fund Me campaign, his family is attempting to raise $25,000 for prosthetic legs and possible lifestyle modifications.

Right now, they rent a house. “It’s likely they’ll need to move out because they need to adapt the property,” Ms. Webb continued.

The family is raising money to purchase a new car and educate the public about sepsis. Since sepsis can happen to anyone, it’s important to get a diagnosis right away if you want the best chance of recovery.

Although doctors aren’t sure where exactly the infection came from, it is thought to have spread from a small cut on her hand. James’s partner says that he will spend at least three more months in the burn and intensive care unit.

“We need your help to raise money for James’ prosthetic equipment. He is impatient to stand up once more, and we are unsure when he will be able to return to his job.

His most important objective is to get back on a bike and play soccer with his kids. We hope that with your help, we can accomplish that.”

James is a determined individual who has demonstrated resilience in the face of adversity. Even though he still has issues with his hands and the rest of his body, he knows he can spend Christmas with us all.

Sepsis is a potentially fatal illness caused by an infection or injury. When the body fights off diseases, the immune system gets stronger. If not treated promptly, sepsis can result in multiorgan failure and even death.