“Incredible transformation!”: The mother of three managed to lose 121 pounds of weight in a year

Now she encourages others to follow her steps

Many people need to lose some weight, but they usually give up at some point. However, this doesn’t refer to our heroine.

Meet Kelly, a mother of 3 children, who lives in Australia.

The woman was too obese and it was really difficult for her to take care of her children. But this story has a happy end!  In only 1 year, she was able to lose over 120 pounds without any surgeries or diets. Everything turns out to be much easier.

Step by step she followed her weight-loss plan and soon changed beyond recognition. Now she looks amazing and remembers the past as a nightmare.

When she gave birth to her third child, she got on the scales and noticed that the scales were showing 300 pounds. She had never imagined that she was that obese!

She immediately wanted to change everything, but not because of the number on the scales, but because it was tough to take care of the children in that condition.

She even started disliking her once favorite meals, such as French fries and meat. Then she decided to get rid of carbonated drinks, instead using mineral water or pure water.

Instead of white rice she started using brown rice. She also refused to eat out in cafes or fast food chains. All of this eventually changed her life completely.

The meals was all the time in containers in order to not eat an excessive amount of. And she didn’t need to eat any extra or every other unhealthy meals.

She begins breakfast with rolled oats or scrambled eggs. Lunch was a lightweight salad with rooster or fish, and dinner was the same, only with fruits.

All of the diets simply inform us that the consequence will come in a short time, however it doesn’t, and Kelly has confirmed it by her personal experience.

Over time, she also took up physical exercises, however they weren’t in the gym or the health membership, but in pole dancing.

She was able to flip her life round and encourage others. Now it’s arduous to recognize the obese lady she used to be.