Is Bennifer Breaking up?

There’s trouble in paradise for Hollywood power couple Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, as rumors of their relationship hitting a rough patch surface. According to an exclusive source from In Touch, Affleck has reportedly “moved out” of their shared home, signaling a possible end to their union.

“The writing is on the wall – it’s over,” the insider reveals. “They’re headed for a divorce – and for once, [Ben’s] not to blame!”

Fans have taken notice of the couple’s increasing time apart, with Affleck notably absent from Lopez’s side at the recent Met Gala, where she co-chaired the event. While Affleck cited work commitments for his absence, insiders claim he has decided to end their marriage.

One of the underlying issues in their relationship has been their divergent approaches to fame. Lopez, known for embracing media attention, clashed with Affleck’s preference for privacy. This disparity in handling public scrutiny has been a persistent challenge for the couple, as highlighted in Lopez’s documentary where she candidly discusses their struggles.

Compromising on these differences proved difficult, despite their efforts to reconcile after nearly two decades apart. “They both said they’d matured and learned from their mistakes, but some of the bigger issues that tore them apart the first time remained the same,” the source explains.

Ben and Jen’s relationship has been a rollercoaster ride since they first started dating in the early 2000s. After calling off their 2003 wedding, they reunited briefly before parting ways in 2004. It wasn’t until their much-publicized reconciliation in 2021 that they finally exchanged vows in July 2022.

Hear more about the potential split in the video below.

As speculation mounts about the future of Bennifer, fans are left wondering: Can this iconic couple can weather yet another storm or has their love story reached its final chapter?