Is Robert Irwin Stepping Away From the Business? Sources Say Bindi Is ‘Heartbroken’

A report has claimed that Robert Irwin, the beloved younger brother of Bindi Sue Irwin, is getting ready to step out on his own. Robert is now 18 years old, around the usual time a child takes that big step out on their own.

According to a source who reportedly spoke with New Idea Magazine, Robert—who has been following in his father’s footsteps—is ready to take his future to the next level.

“He loves Australia Zoo and everything his parents built together, but he’s ambitious and wants to get out and see the world – hopefully with a camera crew right behind him, just like Steve did,” the source claimed. 

The source continued that Robert has been looking to get back to South Africa since visiting with his family in 2018. “He wants to be a mix of his dad and David Attenborough,” the source claimed.

As we all know, Robert’s father is the world-famous crocodile hunter Steve Irwin. Steve passed away in 2006 when Robert was just 3 years old.

Robert and his big sister Bindi, who got married and became a mom for the first time in just the last few years, have always been close. Which makes it understandable that the source would say Bindi is “heartbroken” with Robert Irwin leaving their beloved Australian Zoo.

“She knows Robert deserves to live out his dreams and he’s excitedly telling her his plans, but it makes her very emotional. She’s never known a life without him,” the source continued.

Bindi is constantly posting about how brilliant of an uncle Robert has been to her daughter Grace Warrior. Having Robert not around all the time will surely be an adjustment.

The claim that Robert may be stepping out on his own comes after Robert caught a bit of heat earlier this year for a video of him having to bail while feeding a crocodile. 

Back in February, Robert Irwin shared a video of himself feeding an aggressive croc and had to bail. The clip was from the season finale of their show, Crickey! It’s the Irwins, and people got upset with how he handled the wild animal.

“I didn’t enjoy that footage. Seems to just wanna show off and don’t see the passion like his dad. He’s nothing like his dad. He should grow up and actually respect animals and know better,” one commenter wrote.

“Leave the animal alone for goodness sake. That’s not education that’s using Casper for entertainment ratings and shock value. Clearly, we aren’t idiots and don’t need to see you baiting knew he would react. Be better than that,” another commenter wrote.

When news that Robert Irwin was being “canceled” for this people came to his defense, saying Robert is a trained professional and knows what he is doing. Additionally, the Irwin family has prided themselves on being advocates for animals for decades.