It’s said that everything happens for a reason.

Andy and Sarah Justice firmly believe in the cliché that everything happens for a reason because of what happened when their lives took an unexpected turn.

The two had been trying to have a family for a while and had a strong desire for a kid, but due to difficulties, they were unable to achieve their goal despite many years of effort. They also looked at alternative choices including in vitro fertilization, but sadly they lacked the funds to go through this procedure. They started considering adoption as a result.

They were referred through an adoption agency to a woman who was expecting triplets and wanted to put them up for adoption; the two consented to adopt her children and were ecstatic about it. Sarah, who had always desired a large family, couldn’t believe her dream would be realized.

Premature babies finally grew to be strong and healthy. But Sarah hadn’t before experienced the morning sickness that only pregnant people experience. She had the biggest shock of her life during a visit to the doctor when it was revealed that she will give birth to TWINS! They were healthy at birth.

The two new parents claim that their family is now ideal, despite their busy schedules.

Here is a photo of the entire family: