Jason Bateman Went Into ‘Full Meltdown’ While Recording Podcast with Matthew McConaughey

Technology is great until it doesn’t work properly. Filming anything, including a movie, TV show or even a podcast requires technology to work. When it doesn’t, there can be unexpected delays, and sometimes that can lead to frustration.

Two years ago, Oscar winning actor Matthew McConaughey was ready for an interview on the podcast “SmartLess.” This podcast is hosted by actors Jason Bateman, Will Arnett and Sean Hayes. As the actors were preparing for this particular podcast episode, unexpected issues arose that led to even more drama.

It all started with technical difficulties that happened when preparing for the podcast. Due to these technical difficulties, Bateman got quite upset, and the interview never happened. Two years later, “SmartLess” finally got McConaughey to come back to attempt another interview, and the interview aired on September 18, 2023. This time around, Arnett couldn’t let the interview begin until explaining why the interview didn’t end up happening the first time around.

Before Arnett could provide details, Bateman said, “Oh, no, please don’t have playback.” Yes, there was playback, but first, Arnett gave some context.

Arnett explained that McConaughey “was ready to go” but Bateman “was having technical difficulties.”

Then, Arnett played the playback. Bateman can be heard saying, “Let’s cancel. Let’s reschedule this thing.” Then he adds, “I’m in a total f**king tailspin.”

At the time, McConaughey reacted with fits of laughter followed by a replay of all the “technical difficulties” Bateman was experiencing. It turns out that while McConaughey was quietly waiting for the interview, he was writing down everything Bateman said was going on wrong. He explained, “It was getting funnier and funnier and funnier.”

Two years ago, Bateman didn’t know that it was McConaughey that was laughing. He assumed it was Arnett or Hayes, and the laughter made him even more upset. He said, “I just slammed my laptop shut took my ball and went home.” He added, “It’s not one of my prouder moments.”

Arnett jumped in to explain, “It’s never happened before and it has not happened since.” He added that at the time Bateman was “in a full meltdown.”

Thinking back, Bateman also explained that he was using his daughter’s computer that day and joked, “I’m dumb and hotheaded. It’s a great combo.” He also described the previous attempt at interviewing McConaughey as a “wipeout” and thanked him for agreeing to try to do an interview this time around.

Watch the video below to hear a clip of the playback from Bateman’s “meltdown” two years ago.