Jay Leno Files for Conservatorship to Care For Wife

Comedian, actor and former talk show host Jay Leno has been married to his wife, Mavis since 1980 after first meeting at the Comedy Store in West Hollywood in the late 1970s. While they have certainly had a long-lasting marriage, now, there is sad news for the Leno family.

According to TMZ, Jay has filed for conservatorship for his wife. Jay filed legal documents on Friday January 26, 2024, to request the conservatorship.

A source who spoke to TMZ claims that Mavis has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, which is most likely the reason why Jay is requesting the conservatorship. It could mean that she is not able to care for herself anymore.

TMZ last saw Jay and Mavis out in public in November 2023. They were at a comedy event in Los Angeles.

In September 2023, on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Jay talked to Kelly Clarkson about his marriage. He explained, “We have a great time. You have to marry a normal person.” He added, “Marry the person you wish you could be, who is kind and maybe whatever fault you have, doesn’t have those faults. That’s worked out for me, so to me, I married the perfect person. It worked out good.”

In 2014, Mavis talked to The Los Angeles Times about her relationship with the famous comedian. She explained that the first time she saw Jay she thought, “Holy s–t! That comedian is gorgeous!”

At first, she didn’t ever want to get married, but Jay was all it took for her to change her mind. She explained, “Well, I was insanely in love with him, but I had had a long relationship before and never for one minute thought about marrying that guy. My belief was that I was a voyager, that I was just going to spend some time on this island and sail along and spend some time on that island. But with Jay, I realized all this time I’d been sailing, he was the destination.”

Watch the video below to learn more about Jay and Mavis’s relationship and this recent news of Jay’s conservatorship request for his wife.

Do you think Jay’s conservatorship request will be granted?