Jennifer Aniston Confirms David Schwimmer Rumour Live On-Air

Jennifer Aniston has confirmed a long-standing David Schwimmer rumour on live television.

Jennifer Aniston has confirmed a long-standing David Schwimmer rumour on live television.Advertisements

Both Aniston, 54, and Schwimmer, 57, starred in Friends as Rachel Green and Ross Geller for 10 seasons between 1994 and 2004.

Friends is a beloved sitcom that follows the lives, relationships and humorous escapades of six close-knit friends living in New York City.

They navigated careers, romance and the challenges of adulthood, all while providing endless laughs and heartwarming moments.

In an intriguing revelation that has ignited a fresh wave of intrigue among fans, Aniston has brought to light the long-standing rumour concerning her relationship with her former co-star, Schwimmer.

During a captivating segment on an episode of Live with Kelly and Mark, Aniston, in a re-broadcast of an interview initially aired in March, candidly delved into the enigmatic dynamics that defined their on-screen romance.

As the beloved duo portrayed the iconic characters Geller and Green, their on-off relationship captivated audiences worldwide.