Jon Bon Jovi health: ‘It was not pretty’- star on past mental health struggles

JON BON JOVI led the way with a tribute to bandmate Alec John Such, who has died at the age of 70. The singer-songwriter said the bassist was “integral to the formation of the band” before adding that he will be missed “dearly”.

Having had such a successful career, 60-year-old Bon Jovi gives credit to numerous individuals who have helped him achieve fame. Another is his wife Dorthea Hurley who the star said has been “phenomenal” at helping to maintain his mental health.

The 60-year-old, who fronts the rock band Bon Jovi, has been open about how he has struggled with his mental health in the past. For three years, starting around 2013, the singer felt the “weight of the world” was on his shoulders, after guitarist Richie Sambora shockingly left the band after 30 years and a row emerged with the record label. However, one constant in his life was Hurley, who he met while they were still in high school.

“It was a very, very difficult time that I haven’t fully rebounded from yet but my wife has been phenomenal,” Bon Jovi explained in one interview back in 2016.

“Without her, I am not sure how I would have coped.”

Having the support of his loving wife, this was not the first time Bon Jovi struggled with his mental health. Like many who face the pressure of fame and fortune, at the height of his career the star was exhausted and suffered from a breakdown.

Back in 1991 when driving on the Pacific Coast Highway on his way to see a psychologist, the Livin’ on a Prayer singer contemplated jumping out of the moving car due to the amount of pain he was in.

When asked why things got so bad during this time and how they compared to more recent struggles, the star replied: “I am not ready to share it in full but it was not pretty.

“But I am working towards it. It was similar to that period in retrospect.

“I found acting at that time which gave me a release. There was no release this time around but there were just as much difficulties.” (sic)

Recently, ahead of one of his USA shows, the singer revealed how the COVID-19 pandemic also had an effect on his mental state.