Joy Behar Snaps At Co-Host Sara Haines, Telling Her To “Shut Up!”

On the daytime talk show “The View,” the cohosts talk about a variety of topics, and what makes it different and dare we say more interesting than a lot of shows is that the cohosts sometimes have very different opinions and aren’t afraid to share those opinions. This can result in arguments between cohosts that are usually all in good fun.

Then there are times when the cohosts snap at each other because of things they agree on. Again, this is also often all in good fun, but with these cohosts, it can sometimes be hard to tell if they’re joking around or actually mad at each other.

On a recent episode of “The View,” the discussion was about whether or not men and women can really and truly be just friends. It was a discussion about whether or not a relationship between a man and a woman, such as a professional working relationship, is always going to have some sort of romantic tension, or if the relationship can truly be platonic.

Cohost Joy Behar argued that you can have a platonic relationship with the opposite sex, and she even gave an example of such a relationship in her own life. She said, “I feel like I have a platonic relationship with Brian, our executive producer.” As she spoke, she gestured towards Brian, who was watching the show off camera just in front of where the studio audience sits.

Behar went on to give another example of their relationship and asked Brian if he thinks their relationship is platonic or not.

While Behar was talking, cohost Sara Haines, who was sitting next to her, shared her opinion, and this resulted in Behar snapping at her and telling her to “shut up.” What was Haines opinion on the topic, and why did Behar snap at her? Watch the video below to find out.

As you can see in the video, Behar and Haines weren’t even disagreeing with each other. It turns out that their opinions were so similar that Behar couldn’t help but lash out, again, all in good fun.

Do you think men and women can truly have platonic relationships?