Justin Bieber Fans Fear They Know The Real Reason Behind Crying Selfies

Concerns about Justin Bieber’s recent emotional turmoil have been voiced by fans, with some attributing it to his past association with P Diddy, as reported by.

The 30-year-old singer caused a stir over the weekend when he shared a series of tearful selfies on Instagram, prompting speculation among his followers. While some suggested marital issues with his wife Hailey Baldwin, 27, as the cause, others pointed to his friendship with the embattled rapper, P Diddy.

Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, 54, is currently under federal investigation in the United States regarding alleged sex trafficking. Recent resurfaced footage showing Combs with a 15-year-old Bieber has reignited concerns among fans about the impact of their relationship on Bieber’s well-being.

Among the footage circulating online is a 14-year-old video from Bieber’s YouTube channel featuring Diddy discussing spending “48-hours” with the young singer. In the video, Diddy, then 39, hints at undisclosed activities during their time together, drawing attention from viewers.

The video begins with Diddy and Bieber discussing driving, with Diddy showing off a Lamborghini to the teenage singer. Despite Bieber’s age and learner’s permit, Diddy jokingly tells him to slow down before mentioning their upcoming time together, likening it to the film “48 Hours.”

Diddy expresses his excitement about the impending experience with Bieber, stating, “Where we hanging out and what we doing; we can’t really disclose. But it’s definitely a 15-year-old’s dream. I have been given custody of him.” He also mentions his previous relationship with Usher and his involvement in Bieber’s career.

Another clip shows Diddy and Bieber in a recording studio, with Diddy teasing Bieber about his newfound fame and changing behavior. Bieber appears uncomfortable during the exchange, leading to speculation about their dynamic.

While some fans worry that Bieber’s emotional state may be linked to his past experiences with Diddy, others are concerned about the potential influence of the ongoing investigation on both individuals.

The complexity of Bieber’s relationship with Diddy and its impact on his current well-being continues to be a subject of interest and concern among fans and observers alike.