Kate Middleton Honored Princess Diana And Queen Elizabeth II With Jewelry She Wore On Coronation Day

Princess Diana is still considered a true style icon, not just to women around the world but to those in the royal family as well. Although Kate Middleton never met her mother-in-law before Diana’s untimely passing in 1997, it’s clear she’s played a strong influence on her, especially sartorially. With her signature coiffed hair, appreciation of bright patterns, admiration for creative necklaces, and ability to make any dress look classy, everyone can admit that Princess Diana was a fashion icon. 

Many publications, such as Harper’s Bazaar, Vanity Fair, Elle and similar magazines, covered the People’s Princess’s often daring fashion choices in detail while she was still alive. And even decades later, she is still regarded as one of the big fashion icons and style legends of the 20th century. Diana’s simple yet elegant style has inspired countless people. Other prominent, younger members of the royal family are still regularly compared to her, such as her daughter-in-law, Kate. 

The Princess of Wales has been a favorite among royal fans ever since she married Prince William in 2011. After her wedding, she gracefully took on the role of a senior member of the royal family, and one of the things she is best known for is her impeccable sense of style. She is often referred to as the “Children’s Princess,” which was similar to her late mother-in-law’s name of the “People’s Princess.” From coat dresses to skirt suits, she has added her own signature style to every outfit she chooses. 

And while Kate is also well known for her unique style, it’s wonderful to see that even she often pays homage to Lady Diana’s style from time to time, sometimes even wearing the same item or piece of jewelry that she once wore. 

Since joining the royal family officially in 2011, Kate has paid tribute to her late mother-in-law many times in her fashion and style choices. Not only did Prince William give Kate the same 18-carat sapphire diamond ring that belonged to his mother from her engagement to King Charles III, but Kate even opted for a similar outfit choice in their engagement photos. Wearing a beautiful navy blue wraparound dress when they announced their engagement in November 2010, Kate’s choice was undoubted to match the shade of her gorgeous ring, but it also happened to be a similar color to what Diana wore in February 1981 when she and Charles announced their engagement.

Her wedding dress had similarities to Princess Diana’s, and in another nod to Diana, Kate wore a similar look when she left the hospital with her second son, Prince Louis, as Diana had worn when she had just given birth to her second son, Prince Harry.

And in September of 2022, Kate was pictured wearing one of her late mother-in-law’s iconic pieces of jewelry. On a visit to meet Olena Zelensky, Ukraine’s first lady, at Buckingham Palace, the Princess of Wales wore a piece of jewelry that royals often associate with a period of mourning, according to Metro. The Princess of Wales wore the piece to honor the late Queen Elizabeth II but also as a nod to the late Princess Diana. The bracelet was originally passed down to her husband Prince William following his mom’s death before eventually gifting it to his now-wife.

Princess Diana originally wore the three-string bracelet when she toured Hong Kong with King Charles III.

When William takes the throne and becomes King, Kate would most likely be referred to as Queen Consort, according to Town & Country Mag. On top of that, The Telegraph reported that Kate may inherit Diana’s famous moniker: “The Duchess, naturally, has been endlessly compared to Diana… all have led to whispers of a new ‘People’s Princess.’”

The Princess of Wales has already proven to be a great asset to the royal family, and as Page Six reported, “The Diana Chronicles” author Tina Brown said the future of the British kingdom is now resting on the “slim shoulders” of Kate. Brown said that if Kate ever left the family in a similar fashion to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, “it would be a disaster.” She continued:

“It would, I think, crumble at the moment without her because she’s the only modern, beautiful woman who’s well-educated, substantial in herself, who’s actually wanting to commit herself to the rigors of this institution. Not many young women could do that.”

According to the royal correspondent for Vanity Fair, Katie Nicholl, she believed that the new Princess of Wales isn’t trying to be exactly like her late mother-in-law. “I think one of the great strengths of Kate, and one of her real successes, is that she hasn’t followed in Diana’s footsteps,” she shared, according to Express.

“I think she was so aware of the comparison right from the outset, but despite the weight of that engagement ring on her finger, and the significance that that holds and the comparisons it inevitably draws, she is actually a very different woman,” Nicholl added.

Kate once again paid tribute to her forebears during the coronation of King Charles III on May 6, 2023. While her incredible choices Jess Collett x Alexander McQueen headpiece and intricate robes took centerstage when it came to her overall look, her choice of earrings was not lost on many eagle-eyed royal watchers.

Kate opted for a pair of drop pearl and diamond earrings that Princess Diana was once fond of wearing. The late princess had been gifted the stunning bijouterie from Charles prior to their wedding in 1981. The earrings looked just as gorgeous on Kate as it had on Diana, and the choice was a sentimental and endearing nod to one of the royal family’s most beloved figures.

However, Diana wasn’t the only woman of the royal family that Kate paid tribute to that day. Kate also honored the late Queen Elizabeth II by wearing the George IV Festoon Necklace steeped in history. The three-strand diamond necklace had been commissioned by King George VI in 1950 for his daughter, Elizabeth. George had requested the royal jeweler, Garrard, take 105 loose diamonds from the royal vault and turn it into a sparkling necklace. It was later introduced in the crown collection by his mother, Queen Mary.

The necklace comprises three strands of graduated collet diamonds held together by two diamond triangles. A single strand of diamonds run at the back. In 1953, Elizabeth decided to shorten the length and had 10 of its diamonds removed. She wore the necklace regularly throughout her reign, including during the openings of Parliament, state visits, banquets and balls, although she began to favor more modern and simple pieces in the latter part of her reign.

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