Kate Middleton was ‘desperately unhappy’ and felt William ‘cheapened her image’ with their split in 2007

Details behind William and Kate Middleton's 2007 split come to light – she got the news in the worst possible place

The Prince and Princess of Wales, William and Kate Middleton, are one of the most influential couples in the world. Their love story began when they were students at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland.

When they first met through mutual friends, Kate admits that she was shy and even went bright red. It took some time for them to get to know each other as William wasn’t around initially.

But eventually, a switch was flicked and their friendship evolved into something more. They spent more time together, shared the same interests, and their relationship blossomed.

Their love story was the center of attention and Kate even attended official events with the Royals. However, in 2007, to everyone’s surprise, the couple split up. Contrary to what people may think, both Kate and William claimed that the breakup was actually good for them as it allowed them to find themselves. Kate explained that relationships can consume you when you’re young.

They eventually got back together in 2008 and William proposed to Kate in 2010. The couple celebrated their 11th wedding anniversary this year and continue to be in love with each other.

Recently, a report from 2007 shed light on what happened during their split. It was revealed that Kate felt humiliated by William’s behavior as he was partying at nightclubs and dating other girls. Kate believed that his actions were “cheapening her image.” According to royal correspondents, harsh words were exchanged between the couple.

Royal experts speculate that their split wasn’t entirely their decision, as members of the family, including William’s step-mother Camilla, played a role in shaping their relationship. It was suggested that Camilla was not fond of Kate and considered her unfit for William due to her commoner background. Camilla saw herself as an aristocrat and didn’t believe Kate and her family were worthy of entering the Royal Family.

However, despite the obstacles they faced, William and Kate overcame them and built a strong and loving relationship.

Regardless of the reasons behind their split, one thing that emerged was how Kate was informed about it. Author Tina Brown revealed that Kate received the news during a phone call while she was at work. She had to excuse herself from a meeting and went to a nearby car park to have a heart-to-heart with William.

Following the call, Kate left work and didn’t return, visibly upset. Despite her upset, Kate never shed a tear in public. Eventually, the couple reconciled and went on to marry in 2011.

William and Kate’s love story serves as a reminder that even the most influential couples face challenges, but with love and determination, they can overcome them.