Kim Kardashian Breaks Into Tears While Talking About Co-Parenting With Ex Kanye

Kim Kardashian is using the IRL podcast to speak out about co-parenting with Kanye West. The latest episode comes on the heels of West’s public breakdowns and antisemitic remarks.

During the latest episode of the IRL podcast, Kim Kardashian revealed that she has one priority, to give her kids the same great memories her late father, Robert Kardashian, gave to her. However, as Kim admits, it hasn’t been easy as of late.

Before their divorce, Kim and Kanye were married for 6 years. The former couple share four children together, North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm.

Many in the peanut gallery believe Kim should cut ties with Kanye completely following his recent comments about the Jewish community. However, Kim says that will not happen.

“I definitely protected him and I still will in the eyes of my kids, for my kids,” she said during the December 26 episode. “So, in my home, my kids don’t know anything that goes on in the outside world.”

Kim admits, while breaking down into tears, that will continue for “as long as I can. It’s hard. S–t like co-parenting, it’s really f–king hard.”

That’s when she began comparing her own experiences with her children’s. “I had the best dad,” she continued. “And I had the best memories and the greatest experience and that’s all I want for my kids. As long as they can have that, that’s what I want for them.”

In Kim’s mind, protecting them from their dad’s outside behavior is what is best for their children. “So, if they don’t know things that are being said, or what’s happening in the world, why would I ever bring that energy to them?”

”That’s real heavy, heavy grown-up s–t. And they’re not ready to deal with it, and when they are, we’ll have those conversations.”

A source noted earlier this month that Kim is doing a “great job” of facilitating their co-parenting relationship and making sure that, despite what is going on, their children’s relationship with their father doesn’t change.

“All the kids are very bonded to Kanye and adore him despite what’s going on,” a source told E! “He will always be a part of their lives and she will help facilitate that. She absolutely wants to include him in important events in the kids’ lives and makes every effort.”

Several businesses have severed ties with Kanye over the last few weeks following his anti-semitic remarks. Kim has yet to issue a direct response to his behavior.