King Charles was forced to sit apart from Royal Family at Easter service for heartbreaking reason

King Charles was forced to sit apart from Royal Family at Easter service for heartbreaking reason

To the joy of British citizens, King Charles made a public appearance at St. George’s Chapel this weekend for the usual Easter service.

Before entering the chapel, King Charles and Queen Camilla took the time to greet the congregation and shake hands with several of them.

This was the monarch’s first public appearance since his cαncєr diagnosis over two months ago. So far, the public has learned that King Charles is getting weekly treatments in London, but little is known about the type of cαncєr he is battling or the stage of the sickness. However, seeing him in public and among his people is a favorable indicator that many people believe will turn out well for him.

With all the fuss surrounding Kate Middleton’s surgery and all the rumors and speculations that arose about her health and whereabouts, which were finally put to rest after her public video in which she revealed she had been diagnosed with a type of cαncєr, Charles’ health has somewhat flown under the radar.

The palace reported that he spends his time between treatments at the royal estate at Sandringham.

This past weekend, the King appeared alongside other members of the Royal Family, and one of the most talked-about aspects was the sitting arrangement.

Specifically, Charles was sat separately from the other royals once inside the chapel, and it had nothing to do with any royal traditions.

However, this was not the only alteration they noted. The Royal Family’s Easter service was drastically reduced this year, with several members absent, including Kate, William, and their three children.

Charles and Camilla came by automobile rather than on a combined walk with the other royals, as is customary. Furthermore, the King’s annual luncheon following the service was not scheduled.

According to reports, the King was sat alone to guarantee his safety while battling cαncєr. This was also why the number of royals in attendance was limited, as experts suggested it to reduce the risk of infection.

People of Britain were quick to post comments of good wishes for the King under the Instagram post of his visit of St. George’s Chapel. some of the comments read.

“God save the King!” and “In my prayers,” one person wrote. “He should watch or be isolated away from the people so he doesn’t get sick,” another pondered.

“So should he have gone and shaken hands with loads of strangers…” a third added. “Bet he was not meant to do this walkabout and shake hands. His doctors will not be pleased.”