Kitchen Hacks You’ve Never Seen

Today we have another amazing set of tips and tricks for the home – kitchen hacks! I’m always the first one to admit I don’t love spending time in the kitchen, but I’m thinking these hacks to make becoming a foodie will help. From cleaning to organizing to making your food last longer, these ideas will blow your mind!

Use a shower curtain hook to hang your kitchen towel while it dries.

Keep your brown sugar from getting hard by tossing a couple marshmallows in the bag.

Use a lazy susan under the sink to keep all of your cleaning supplies organized and easy to get to.

Make your stove top shine and sparkle – really! All you need is baking soda and wet rags! Click the image to learn the secret tip!

Easily make a grilled cheese in the toaster! Just use parchment paper to make a toaster bag.

Use Press n Seal wrap to line your refrigerator shelves and every time they get dirty, just peel them off!

Quickly remove all that gunk off your glass stove with ease.

Separate egg whites from the yolks with an empty water bottle. Wow – this is so smart!

Use a magazine rack on the inside of a cabinet to hold your aluminum foil and plastic wrap.

If you struggle like me to get those pesky jars open, try this incredible automatic opener.

Got a dirty dishwasher? Clean it with soda. This works so well!

Recycle tic tac containers for the perfect way to store spices!

Keep your kitchen towel from always falling off the stove handle with this velcro tip.

Out of chip clips? Just use a binder clip or a hair clip!

From baby dolls to car mats – there are so many things you can clean in the dishwasher.

Make your kitchen sink shine by simply scrubbing it with half a lemon.

Don’t have a funnel? That’s ok, just use an envelope.

Keep your salad fresh longer by placing a paper towel over top – it will help to absorb the moisture!

Make peeling hard boiled eggs simple by adding a 1/2 a teaspoon of baking soda in the water.

Freeze a sponge and place it in a plastic bag as the perfect portable cold pack for lunches.

If you forget to set some butter out and you need it softened in a hurry, try this rolling pin trick.