Kyle Marisa Roth, Popular Online Star, Dead At 36

Kyle Marisa Roth, a well-known online figure, has passed away at 36 years old.

Her family shared this sad news through social media posts on Monday, April 15. The exact details of her death have not been released yet.

Kyle was famous on TikTok, where she had over 193,000 followers and received five million likes. She was loved for her exciting celebrity gossip videos and the secrets she shared about stars. Kyle often started her videos by saying, “You want more? I’ll give you more,” and she playfully nicknamed celebrities, like calling Jennifer Lopez “JLulu” and Oprah Winfrey “Ozemprah.”

She also shared bold theories about celebrities and once told her followers that her main TikTok account was unexpectedly banned. She asked her fans for help to get it back because she needed it to help pay her bills.

Kyle was known for giving her bold opinions on famous people and her fans are very sad about her passing. Many of them have been posting messages online to remember her.

One fan said, “Kyle was more than just someone who made videos. She stood up for what she believed in. She fought for people who were overlooked and never backed down.”

Kyle’s mom and sister both said on social media how hard her death has been for them. Her mom mentioned that although it’s unusual to share personal news on LinkedIn, she felt it was important because Kyle had impacted many lives through her online presence.

Her sister also expressed how difficult this time has been and offered to talk with anyone who wants to remember Kyle. She promised to keep everyone updated about any events to honor Kyle’s life.

Even Julia Fox, a movie star, commented that she felt a close connection to Kyle through her videos and is deeply saddened by the loss.