“Laverne & Shirley”Actress Dies at Age 75

Actress Cindy Williams, known for her role as Shirley in the hit ABC television show “Laverne & Shirley,” has passed away at the age of 75 in Los Angeles. Williams gained fame and captured hearts with her bright smile and comedic talents on the popular sitcom, which aired from 1976 to 1983.

The show, a spin-off of “Happy Days,” featured Williams as Shirley Feeney alongside Penny Marshall, who portrayed Laverne DeFazio. The series followed the lives of the two roommates and best friends working at the fictional Shotz Brewery in 1950s Milwaukee.

“Laverne & Shirley” enjoyed tremendous success, running for eight seasons and earning six Golden Globe nominations and one Emmy nomination. Prior to her breakthrough role, Williams appeared in notable films such as “American Graffiti” and “The Conversation,” directed by George Lucas and Francis Ford Coppola, respectively. Interestingly, Williams initially hesitated to accept her role in “American Graffiti” but changed her mind after a persuasive phone call from Coppola. The film’s success and positive feedback from her co-stars, including Harrison Ford, reassured her decision.

Williams also auditioned for the iconic role of Princess Leia in George Lucas’s “Star Wars” but ultimately lost out to actress Carrie Fisher. The actress passed away on January 25 after a brief illness, as confirmed by her family. In a statement, her children, Emily and Zak Hudson, described her as a kind, hilarious, and one-of-a-kind mother with a brilliant sense of humor and a captivating spirit that touched the lives of many.

Born Cynthia Jane Williams on August 22, 1947, in Van Nuys, California, she was the eldest of two daughters in the family. After a brief period in Dallas, Texas, the Williams family returned to California in 1958, settling in the San Fernando Valley.

Cindy Williams leaves behind a legacy of laughter and memorable performances, particularly through her beloved role in “Laverne & Shirley.” Her talent, generosity, and unique charm will be remembered by those who had the privilege of knowing and loving her.