LeAnn Rimes Begs Her Fans For Prayers

When LeAnn Rimes and her beloved husband found themselves in a bind, medically speaking, the country singer turned to her fans to beg them for their thoughts and prayers.

In a heartfelt moment via Instagram stories, LeAnn Rimes shared the horrific news that her husband of eleven years, Eddie Cibrian, “spent all day in the ER (emergency room).” The singer then put forth a request to her fans, saying, “Send a prayer up for this wonderful man (because) he hurt himself today.”

Although Rimes did not go into full details about how badly Cibrian hurt himself, she did share a picture of the two of them in the October 16, 2022, Instagram update. In the photo, the pair look to be back during much happier times that were a long distance from the trials and tribulations of the emergency room after Cibrian got hurt. The photo shows the lovebirds seated by a firepit with the loving husband’s arm around Rimes while both of them smile brightly toward the camera.

While fans of LeAnn Rimes really wanted to know more so they could direct their prayers better, the country singer only revealed that “Today was traumatic, but healing is happening now.” The fact that Rimes admitted that the day was “traumatic” left some fans gasping for breath as they tried to piece together the ordeal that Cibrian must have gone through to land himself in the emergency room.

But it seems that fans do not have too much to worry about. Both Rimes and Cibrian have posted to social media since the “traumatic” day and seem to be doing much better. While these posts did not explicitly talk about Cibrian’s health or how he was recovering from the emergency room treatment, it seems that they are both back on their feet and leading healthy lives.

Less than two weeks after Rimes begged her fans to send their prayers out to the universe for the sake of her injured husband, she posted a video to Instagram from the Night of the Jacks Halloween event, which she attended with her husband. Both seemed to be doing fine and in good spirits.

Because Rimes had put out a request for prayers, some fans took note that he seemed to be doing better. They shared a number of comments on the Halloween post expressing their gratitude that he was on the road to recovery from whatever it was that left in injured enough to make a trip to the emergency room.

One LeAnn Rimes follower wrote, “I guess Eddie is better congratulations.”

Another comment stated, “Big prayers for your hubby to have a speedy recovery….”

Yet Rimes fan commented, “Wrapping you both up in prayers. Eddie, you will come through. LeeAnn, I got you xoxoxoxo positive thoughts.”

Since the day he spent in the emergency room, Cibrian only posted a plug for his son, who is launching his modeling career. The post included a stylish photo of the young model along with a fire emoji to express “fire.”

Do you think Rimes will update her fans about her husband’s “traumatic” day in the emergency room and reveal what happened?