Lisa Marie Presley’s twins involved in custody battle

The 14-year-old twin children of Lisa Marie Presley might be at the center of a custody dispute.

Presley, the sole child of Elvis, passed away from a double heart attack late last week, and now her ex-husband Michael Lockwood is apparently saying that he won’t relinquish custody of those kids until “a cold day in hell.” According to Presley family-related sources that TMZ has cited, that is the case.

The twins Finley and Harper Vivienne, who spent the majority of their childhood in their mother’s protection and were present when she passed away, are currently under Lockwood’s care 40% of the time.

There are rumors that the star’s ex Danny Keough and daughter Riley may possibly contest custody of the kids, according to TMZ.

It is believed that a judge will consider the children’s preferences for who they want to live with due to their age if a custody dispute proceeds to court.

Lockwood, Presley’s fourth husband, and she divorced in 2016, and they were still going through the process at the time of her passing this week. He reportedly asked for $40,000 in child support each month.

Prior to Lockwood, the mother of four was also wed to actor Nicolas Cage, Danny Keough, and Michael Jackson, who passed away at age 50 in 2009 following a drug overdose.

After Lockwood declined to divorce her after a five-year separation, she petitioned a judge to “declare her officially single” in 2021.

She fell ill at home where she shared a residence with her ex-husband Keough, 58. While waiting for the paramedics, he gave her CPR.

The actor Riley Presley, 33, and Lisa Marie’s 27-year-old son Benjamin, who committed suicide in July 2020, are both Keough’s children.

Presley wed Keough at a drug rehab facility while she was a teenager, and the two split up a few days before she eloped with Michael Jackson in 1994.

In 2000, she was also engaged to the musician John Oszajca, 48; however, she broke off the engagement when she ran into Nicolas Cage, 59, at a party. A few months after getting hitched in August 2002, the couple filed for divorce.

Later, in 2006, she wed Lockwood, with whom she later got divorced in 2006.

Presley went away following the family’s signature on a do not resuscitate order due to a second heart arrest she experienced while hospitalized.

In a statement released on Thursday night, Priscilla Presley, 77, wrote of her beautiful daughter Lisa Marie: “It is with a sad heart that I must deliver the devastating news that she has left us.

She was the most fervent, powerful, and loving woman I’ve ever met.