Lizzo Says She’s Tired of Seeing All the Rude Comments About Her Body and Has a Powerful Message to Share

Lizzo, the talented singer, has once again found herself facing hurtful comments about her body on social media. Despite speaking out about body shaming in the past, the negative remarks continue to persist. In response, Lizzo took to her social media to address the harm caused by these comments.

It all started with a tweet that included a video of Lizzo performing. The tweet questioned how she could still be “THIS fat” despite her energetic stage presence and speculated about her eating habits. This sparked a wave of negative comments, with one person suggesting she eats a lot of fast food. Overwhelmed by the negativity, Lizzo felt compelled to respond.

Expressing her frustration, Lizzo stated that she encounters this kind of nonsense on a daily basis and that it is starting to make her lose faith in the world. She refuted the assumption that she consumes fast food, emphasizing that she had stopped eating it years ago. Lizzo expressed exhaustion at constantly feeling the need to explain herself and seeing her name involved in these hurtful conversations.

In response to a comment suggesting that Lizzo’s body size is part of her brand, she clarified that she is not trying to change her body. She simply wants to live a healthy life. Lizzo emphasized that her body looks the way it does even when she eats clean and exercises regularly.

Lizzo continued to express her frustration with people speaking about things they know nothing about and admitted feeling tempted to give up and enjoy her life and relationship in a more secluded environment. This is not the first time she has spoken out about body shaming, as she previously addressed it on TikTok, highlighting the exhausting discourse surrounding bodies and emphasizing that artists should not be expected to conform to beauty standards.

Lizzo is proud of her size and has no desire to make others happy at the expense of her own well-being. She views her body as art and will do whatever she wants with it. She wishes that negative comments came with a monetary cost, so people could realize the time wasted on the wrong things.

Lizzo’s story is one of resilience and self-acceptance. She deserves respect for embracing her body and not succumbing to societal pressures.