Longtime Friend Of Howard Stern And Contributor To Stern’s Radio Show Dies At 58

In a somber announcement on December 6, 2023, Howard Stern shared the heartbreaking news of the passing of Ralph Cirella, his close friend, a longtime stylist, and frequent contributor to the iconic Howard Stern radio show. Cirella, 58, who had been integral to Stern’s radio journey for decades, left a void that Stern, his team, and fans are currently grappling with.

Stern revealed that Cirella’s unexpected demise occurred the morning prior, during what should have been a routine medical procedure. The shock jock disclosed that Cirella had been undergoing treatment for a “rare lymphoma,” a condition deemed “curable and treatable.” Stern expressed his sorrow and frustration, stating that he was “angry” because Cirella had delayed addressing the health issue. “He didn’t take care of himself,” he said.

The radio host, known for his candid and emotional expressions, disclosed that his friendship with Ralph spanned approximately 40 years. Describing their bond, Stern emphasized the shared sense of humor, saying, “Ralph was a trustworthy, dear friend who made me laugh every time I was with him.” Cirella wasn’t just a stylist but an inseparable companion who accompanied Stern on various television appearances, from “America’s Got Talent” to “The Late Show with David Letterman.”

One poignant aspect Stern highlighted was Cirella’s instrumental role in Stern’s marriage to his wife, Beth. Stern credited Cirella for urging him to attend a party where he eventually met Beth, emphasizing how Ralph played a pivotal role in shaping his life. The shock jock also shared that his wife observed a unique connection, a “secret language,” between him and Cirella.

Actor John Stamos, a friend of Stern and a frequent guest on the show, was among the first to share the news on social media. Stamos expressed profound shock at the sudden loss of Cirella, describing him as a “one-of-a-kind soul.” Stern’s wife, Beth, acknowledged Stamos’ post on Instagram, confirming the heartbreaking news.

Cirella, known for his engaging presence on Stern’s show, often contributed anecdotes, shared experiences with show staffers, and weighed in on pop-culture topics. Stern fondly reminisced about Cirella’s enthusiasm for Apple products, social media, and the countless good times they shared on the show. The shock jock admitted to taking Cirella’s passing very hard, highlighting the emotional toll of losing a dear friend.

Stern revealed that he had spoken to Cirella the night before his passing, expressing hope that he would overcome the challenges of cancer treatment. The confirmation of Cirella’s death came from longtime executive producer Gary Dell’Aabate after Tuesday morning’s show, leaving Stern and the entire radio community in mourning.