Longtime “Young And The Restless” Star Shares Sad Personal News

“Young and the Restless” star Eric Braeden, whose fans probably know better as Victor Newman, posted a live video to Facebook yesterday where he shared some personal and emotional news.

Braeden has been staring as Newman for the past four decades making him a true soap opera legend. While he doesn’t often discuss personal matters with his fans, this time he made an exception.

Newman started the video by explaining that this live video was about his “personal wellbeing.” Then he proceeded to explain his health situation, starting with knee replacement surgery that he had done over 3 months ago.

Newman explained that he felt like his recovery was going well, but he was overconfident and soon realized his mistake. When he tried to do squats, he felt like he “had done damage” to his knee. Thankfully, he hadn’t damaged his knee, but he realized he should be “a bit more careful.”

Unfortunately, Newman’s health issues did not end with his knee. He shared that while he was recovering, he “started to have problems with my prostate.” He added, “I hate to be this personal but I think this may be good for some older guys who may or may not listen to this. It’ll happen to them.”

On the way to work one day, Newman decided to stop at the urology department at Cedar’s Sinai Medical Center. The urologist inserted a catheter, and he came back after three days to have it removed. While he was there, the urologist looked at Newman’s bladder and made a shocking discovery. He said, “You have cancer.”

Newman’s doctor scheduled him for surgery with the plan of removing the cancer. Afterwards, he told Newman, “I think I got it all.” Unfortunately, it wasn’t that simple.

When Newman returned for a follow-up exam the next week, his doctor explained, “Amongst the low grade cancer cells there were some high grade cancer cells.” In order to treat the cancer, his doctor has him scheduled for once a week injections of BCG treatments. Newman shared, “That’s where I am right now.”

One thing Newman is struggling to learn is “to slow down” and “listen to my body more” instead of trying to exercise as hard as he once did. Despite his circumstances, Newman is remaining optimistic. He told his viewers, “I will lick this.”

His cancer diagnosis and treatments are not preventing him from acting on “Young and the Restless.” He shared that he is “happy” that he is still able to work because “it distracts me. I love acting. I love knowing that I entertain people.”

Watch the video below to hear Newman explain more details about his health and cancer diagnosis.