Marie Osmond’s Daughter: A Beautifully Grown Woman

Marie Osmond, the iconic singer of “Paper Roses,” not only possesses beauty herself but is also filled with pride as she watches her daughter, Jessica, blossom into a stunning woman. Marie’s other children are also gracefully aging and building families of their own. At 60 years old, this international superstar has no intention of stepping away from the limelight completely just yet. Alongside her singing career, Marie Osmond has become a renowned talk show host, working on various projects, including a new show with Viacom CBS following her departure from CBS daytime talk show, The Talk.

A Journey from the Osmonds to Solo Stardom

Marie Osmond first captured the hearts of audiences as part of the Osmond family, captivating viewers during their regular appearances on The Andy Williams Show in 1962. However, it was at the age of 14, in 1973, when Marie’s star truly began to rise. Her country-style song, “Paper Roses,” became an instant sensation, soaring to the top of the US Country charts and reaching the Top 5 on the Billboard Magazine Pop chart. This breakthrough marked the beginning of a remarkable solo career.

Marie’s brother, Donny Osmond, also achieved immense fame after being part of The Osmonds. The dynamic duo not only gained recognition for their TV show but also became two of the most iconic Mormons in the entertainment industry.

Embracing Acceptance and Love

Marie Osmond’s connection with the Mormon religion faced some challenges when she openly expressed her support for her adopted daughter, Jessica, who identifies as a lesbian. Jessica Marie Blosil is the eldest daughter of Marie Osmond and her ex-husband Brian Blosil. They adopted Jessica when she was just two years old. Although Marie’s marriage to Brian ended in 2007, the couple divorced amicably. Marie later remarried her first husband, Steve Craig, who, like Marie, transitioned from being a football player to a public speaker.

While the Mormon Church now accepts the LGBTQ+ community into their faith, it is vital to note that this acceptance is conditioned upon celibacy. According to their new handbook, same-sex marriage is no longer considered an apostasy in terms of Church discipline, though it is still viewed as a significant transgression.

Marie Osmond’s fans are deeply touched by her unwavering support and acceptance of her daughter’s sexual orientation. Despite her commitment to the Mormon faith, Marie openly expressed her love and support for Jessica. In an interview, she mentioned feeling profoundly honored when Diane Sawyer named her “Person of the Week” due to her unwavering love for her daughter. The news of Jessica coming out as gay at the age of 17 brought Marie to tears, as she only wished for her child’s happiness and didn’t want any judgment to come her way.

The Joy of Unconditional Love

Today, Marie Osmond’s daughter, Jessica, revels in her happiness as she is happily married to her wife, Sara. In a heartwarming display of support, Marie shared a touching photo of the couple, extending her congratulations on their marriage and warmly welcoming Sara into the family. As for Marie and Steve Craig, they continue to thrive as a couple. And, of course, Marie’s other children are also finding success in their own unique paths.

Marie Osmond’s journey serves as a testament to the power of acceptance, love, and embracing our loved ones for who they truly are. Despite any obstacles along the way, Marie’s unwavering support for her daughter Jessica truly warms the heart.