Matt Roloff Reveals If ‘Little People, Big World’ Has Come to an End

Matt Roloff is answer the questions he’s asked most often and stunned fans when he made an admission about their long running reality show, Little People, Big World.

According to Roloff, there is a good chance the episode that aired last Tuesday, April 23, will be it forever. “We completed our contract obligations and wrapped filming last September 2023,” Roloff wrote on Facebook.

Matt Roloff Reveals If 'Little People, Big World' Has Come To An End

“Season 25 was a very fun and fulfilling filming cycle and Caryn and I particularly enjoyed working together with Chris and Amy in so many productive ways,” he continued. “Of course we missed filming more with the other family members and were obviously disappointed not to do more things all together.”

When asked why season 25 wasn’t advertised as a “series finale,” rather than a “season finale,” Roloff said his “theory” is that they are holding out hope that a “clip look-back special shows in the works? Maybe?”

He also explained that back in 2014, when the family first decided to stop filming, TLC “jumped the gun” by announcing the show was “cancelled and season 6 would be its last.” Roloff thinks this might be why the network has “some hesitation” to announce the show is over.

“I do think that TLC did a nice job on the last Tuesday ‘season finale’ episode hedging their bets and putting a nice button on the show and where the family (members that still participate) stands,” Roloff wrote. “So if LPBW never does come back (in whatever various other forms) I think consensus is they wrapped up the Roloff LPBW crazy train saga pretty good. That’s why many of you felt it was a series finale.”

And while he admits he can’t predict the future, Roloff said that if they never do come back to reality TV, “I feel very content and satisfied with the Run of shows and the journey we shared with you all!”

As Matt continued, he offered some updates on his four kids.

His youngest son, Jacob, as well as Jacob’s wife and son, still lives and works on the Roloff farm full time. “Our youngest who broke away from ‘the crazy train’ early to go see the world now in a poetic turn of events has returned with his family to an open canvas of opportunity,” he wrote. “He’s taking great advantage of many possibilities.”

Roloff admitted that it’s hard not to talk most about Jacob because that’s the child he sees most often.

Zach and Tori, who announced earlier this year that they were done with the show, live with their three children in Battle Ground. Zach is in the process of building his own farm.

Jeremy and Audrey, who left the show several years ago, are currently expecting their fourth child. They are also building their own life just a mile or two down the the road from the farm.

And Molly and her husband, Joel, prefer a more quite and private life in Washington.

Roloff also offered an update on himself, revealing the status of his engagement to Caryn, who he proposed to in 2023. According to Roloff, there is “still no news on a date, lol.”

However, he and Caryn now live together in his newly renovated home and they are simply “loving life and the current status.”

In the end, despite all the ups and down these last few years have brought, Roloff says he’s “feeling healthier and happier than I have in years.”

“Without you we would never have been able to change to world’s perception of Little People— I feel like a Big Person in a Little World thanks to you.”