Meghan Markle sad over her babies ‘no longer’ being babies – her miscarriage was heartbreaking

Meghan Markle, alongside her husband Prince Harry, has two beautiful children and a loving home. Their son Archie was born in the UK while they were still active members of the Royal Family, and their daughter Lilibet arrived after they moved to the US. Becoming a father has brought Harry immense joy, but they have also faced heartbreak. Meghan tragically suffered a miscarriage about four years ago.

Meghan Markle sad over her babies 'no longer' being babies – her miscarriage was heartbreaking

As Archie and Lilibet grow, Meghan’s love for them only deepens. Watching them reach new milestones fills her with pride, but it also brings a tinge of sadness. They are no longer the tiny babies she once held in her arms.

In March 2020, Harry and Meghan officially stepped down from their royal duties, shocking fans worldwide. The couple has since spoken out about the challenges they faced within the Royal Family, including Meghan’s struggles to fit in.

Prince Archie’s Birth: A Different Approach

When Archie was born on May 6, 2019, it was a momentous occasion. However, Harry and Meghan decided to forgo the traditional public appearance on the steps of the hospital. They chose to keep Archie’s birth as private as possible, even tricking reporters and photographers.

While many royal babies are born at St Mary’s Hospital like Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, Meghan’s doctor worked at Portland Hospital. This led to the decision to give birth there instead. The couple wanted to outfox the media, a skill Harry had always enjoyed.

A Unique Labor Experience

During Meghan’s labor, Harry had an interesting way of keeping calm – eating Nando’s chicken and inhaling laughing gas. Meghan, on the other hand, remained composed. There were some complications, but in the end, Archie was born healthy and brought tears of joy to both Harry and Meghan.

Lilibet’s Birth: A Beautiful Name Marred by Controversy

In June 2021, Harry and Meghan welcomed their daughter, Lilibet. They named her after Queen Elizabeth II, who affectionately called herself Lilibet as a child. However, some perceived this as disrespectful to the late queen, causing a diplomatic scuffle.

Despite this controversy, Harry and Meghan were overjoyed to have Lilibet join their family.

A Heartbreaking Loss and Cherished Moments

About a year before Lilibet’s birth, Meghan experienced a miscarriage. In an emotional article, she described the pain and grief she felt. The scars from that loss still remain, and as the anniversary approaches, Meghan can’t help but feel sadness. However, she finds solace in the love and joy her family brings.

While Meghan is grateful for her children and the life she has with Harry, she can’t help but feel a longing for the time when they were babies. Archie is starting kindergarten soon, and Lilibet is growing up too quickly. This realization tugs at the heartstrings of any parent, and Meghan is no different.

Looking ahead, Meghan will continue to balance work and family, ensuring she is there for her children as they grow. Harry and Meghan have embarked on new ventures together, and while their journey may sometimes be met with criticism or controversy, their focus remains on their family’s happiness and well-being.

As Archie and Lilibet navigate their own paths, will they choose to be part of the Royal Family in the future? Only time will tell. But for now, Meghan and Harry cherish every moment they have with their children, knowing that love conquers all.

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