Melania Trump’s savage 8-word-remark to husband Donald after former president ‘struggled’ on stage

Melania Trump, wife of former President Donald Trump, had initially hesitated about returning to the White House for a second tenure. However, a lot has changed since then, and now both Melania and Donald Trump are aiming for another shot at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. But before that happens, there are many things they need to address.

Melania Trump's savage 8-word-remark to husband Donald after former president 'struggled' on stage

Their first stay at the White House was filled with controversy, with numerous reports about their relationship surfacing, including rumors of fights. Despite this, Melania decided to stay and even renegotiated her prenuptial agreement with Donald. The couple has faced their fair share of challenges and has been quite harsh towards each other at times. In fact, Donald recently revealed an incident when Melania mocked him after he had trouble leaving the stage after a speech.

Donald Trump & Melania Trump: A Love Story

Their love story began at the New York Fashion Show in 1998. Donald, who had just divorced his second wife, was instantly captivated by Melania’s beauty. He couldn’t resist her charm and knew he wanted to be with her instead of his date.

Initially, their relationship took time to blossom, but eventually, they became a couple and decided to tie the knot. Little did anyone know that years later, they would become the President and First Lady of the United States.

A Controversial Stay at the White House

Donald and Melania Trump’s tenure at the White House was no different from any other administration, filled with both highs and lows. While living there, certain aspects of their relationship were never meant to be publicized.

However, former White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham revealed some details about their relationship during their stay. One incident involved the President yelling at Melania in the Oval Office over her controversial jacket incident.

Melania’s Infamous Jacket Incident

In June 2018, Melania visited a migrant housing facility in Texas and wore a jacket with the text “I REALLY DON’T CARE, DO U?” This happened during a time when the Trump administration was heavily criticized for their policy of separating migrant children from their families.

When Melania returned from Texas, Donald was furious. He summoned her to the Oval Office and berated her for wearing the tasteless jacket. Stephanie Grisham revealed this incident in her book I’ll Take Your Questions Now.

Melania’s Approach to the Role of First Lady

Stephanie Grisham also shed light on Melania Trump’s work as the First Lady. She mentioned that Melania spent most of her time in the executive residence rather than the First Lady’s office in the East Wing. Grisham shared that Melania focused on “self-care,” which included hours of sleep, spa treatments, and facials.

The Secret Service even nicknamed her “Rapunzel” because she rarely left her residence. The First Lady preferred working from home, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Melania’s Absence from Donald’s Campaign

Melania Trump has chosen not to accompany her husband on his campaign trail. Her priority has always been protecting their son, Barron, from media scrutiny. She values her family’s privacy and doesn’t feel the need to openly comment on legal matters or controversies.

According to a source, Melania is focused on taking care of her own life, her son’s life, and the lives of her close family members. She will address public matters on her own terms, considering the wellbeing of her son.

Melania’s playfulness with Donald

During a rally in Wildwood, New Jersey, Donald Trump shared an anecdote about Melania lightly teasing him. He mentioned that after his speech, he called her to ask how great it was. However, instead of praising him, Melania playfully pointed out that he had trouble finding his way off the stage. It was a lighthearted moment between the couple.

We can only speculate if Donald Trump will become president again. But one thing is certain, Melania Trump’s behind-the-scenes support will continue to play a crucial role in their lives.

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