Meri Brown Posts Heartbreaking Tribute to Older Brother, Who Passed Away 5 Weeks After Stopping Cancer Treatment

Meri Brown, the star of Sister Wives, recently shared devastating news with her fans. In a heartfelt Instagram post, the 52-year-old reality TV star opened up about the passing of her older brother, Adam Barber, just two months before his 55th birthday.

This tragic loss comes only five weeks after Adam made the difficult decision to stop receiving chemotherapy treatment due to the aggressive progression of his cancer.

Meri expressed her gratitude for the cherished memories she shared with her brother in a touching tribute. She reflected on the impact of losing her siblings, as she is now the sole survivor of the “original four” siblings, including herself and her three oldest siblings.

The loss of her sister, Teresa Barber Kunz, to cancer in 2006 and her brother, Marc Barber, to heart complications in 2015 deeply affected Meri. Now, with Adam’s passing, she feels the weight of being the only remaining member of her immediate family.

Meri holds on to the significance of the “original four” siblings, as they were the only ones born in California and shared precious memories of their early years there. They also witnessed their parents moving to Utah and embracing a plural family lifestyle.

While she grapples with her grief, Meri is determined to push forward in her own life while honoring the memories of her siblings. She cherishes the moments they shared, both the joyous and the bittersweet. Meri plans to continue living, loving, forgiving, and remembering, even in the face of this profound loss.

Meri believes that her relationship with her brother has taught her valuable lessons that will continue to shape her. Although she may never fully understand why Adam’s death has affected her so deeply, she remains open to the lessons he imparted on her and embraces the growth that will come from them.

In her poignant conclusion, Meri asserts that she has the last word in their ongoing sibling debates, a testament to their unbreakable bond. She remembers Adam with honor, kindness, and love.