Mia Robertson health update

Fans were provided with an update by Jase Robertson regarding his daughter Mia’s most recent surgical treatment.

To repair her cleft lip and palate, Mia needed a total of 14 surgical procedures.

“She is doing quite well. “She’s made a 180,” Jase said of her on one of the episodes of his podcast titled “UNASHAMED.” “Everything appears to be in order and in good shape.”

He said, “The surgery took a little bit longer than expected, but she is now back home and healing.” “I am grateful that you have prayed for both her and for our family. She is a victorious fighter!”

Although it is not known if this will be Mia’s final operation, the 18-year-old patient seemed upbeat about the prospect.

She declared in a message on social media that she had “Surgery 14!” “This is, God willing, the very last time I’ll be seeing my doctors in this environment! It has been a difficult journey, but we have now arrived at our destination:)”

In 2014, Mia established the Mia Moo Foundation with the goal of generating public support and financial resources for the purpose of providing medical treatment options for infants born with cleft lip and cleft palate.

“Mia went to see her surgeon, Dr. David Genecov, and the rest of his staff in order to set up a big operation. The majority of her life has been spent under the care of Dr. David Genecov, as well as nurses Kelly and Jeanette.

“What a blessing it is to see these familiar faces and hear their beautiful greetings and genuine interest in her activities and interests each and every time we have to make these trips,” the text of the post says.

“What a blessing it is to see these familiar faces.” “It has been a relief to this mother, especially when I know that each visit implies more changes, more discomfort, and more risk for my child,” the woman said. “It has been a comfort to have this.”

The Robertsons have never been shy about discussing their faith, and they have never missed an occasion to give thanks to God for those who have helped Mia throughout her recovery.

“However, despite the challenges, I find solace in the knowledge that God has guided us to the ideal group in order to give my child the greatest opportunity for success.” This period is the same as any other,”