Michael J. Fox is visibly weakened but makes one last emotional gesture

They were happy to be together.

At a fan convention this past weekend in Portland, Oregon, “Back to the Future” franchise stars Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson, and Tom Wilson reunited.

On Instagram, Thompson, 61, posted pictures and videos from their charming get-together.

The caption for the photo said, “Wow honestly had the nicest time today with my #bttf family.”

In a video, Thompson can be heard telling Wilson, “My favorite, favorite person ever.”

Wilson answered, “I adore this woman. Very wonderful to see you. It’s really wonderful.

The 1985 film follows the voyage of Marty McFly (Fox) as he goes back in time when an experiment by his buddy Doc Brown (Lloyd) goes wrong and must ensure that his mother (Thompson) marries his father – else, he will not exist. They battle Wilson’s portrayal of the bully Biff Tannen along the way.

Two follow-up movies from “Back to the Future” were made, and a new Broadway production that will debut in June 2023 was also inspired by the movie.

Thompson converses with 84-year-old Lloyd in a subsequent little video.

Look who’s here, I say. Thompson stated as she pointed the camera at Lloyd. Observe what the cat brought in!

The “Clue” actor posted photos and videos of the momentous event to his own Instagram.

The flux capacitor was located. The caption reads, “Brought us all back to 2023 just in time for @fanexpoportland.

Over 40 years after the movie’s debut, Lloyd and Fox, both 61, reconnected at the New York ComicCon in 2022.

The pair talked about their “instant chemistry” on set.

Working with Chris was the highlight of the film, according to Fox.

Fox enjoys “these FanExpo events and meeting some of my favorite people like Lea, Tom, Chris and all you #bttf heads,” according to his Instagram story. Heavy.”

Fox is unlikely to appear in a movie despite the demand from fans for a fourth entry in the series, given the effects Parkinson’s disease, with which he was diagnosed in 1991, has had on his body.

The cast of the Paramount+ television series “Star Trek: Picard,” which included Jonathan Frakes, Brent Spiner, and Gates McFadden, were included in the photographs that Thompson shared with them.