Mom Abandons Kids After Divorce – Things Escalate When They Reunite 7 Years Later

Do you think this girl was justified in her response?

Kris and Daisy were abandoned by their mother Misty when they were only 5 and 9 years old. The two children awoke one morning to find their mom had simply left without an explanation, leaving their father Jim to raise them on his own. Looking for advice, Jim contacted The Oprah Winfrey Show seeking help on how to be a better single parent to his two young kids.

Jim’s story seemed to have resonated with Winfrey who ultimately brought the family onto her show in 2007. During this memorable episode, the children worked with a psychotherapist to deal with their feelings surrounding their mother’s absence, and Daisy read a heartbreaking letter describing how she felt. Poor little Kris, on the other hand, focused on holding back tears.

The impact that divorce and absent parents can have on children stuck with Winfrey for a very long time. “What I learned from Kris and his sister Daisy that day broke me wide open on what it means to be a child of divorce,” she wrote on her website.

“Those two brave little souls taught me about the untold damage being done to millions of children going through divorce with their parents.”

Nearly seven years later, at the request of Daisy, Oprah helped her reunite with her mother. However, it wasn’t quite the happy reunion that mother Misty had been expecting…

As Daisy walks into the room, Misty begins to sob. The young teen is accompanied by Winfrey and her counselor Jan who support her during her big moment. At one point, Winfrey turns to Daisy and asks her why she’s brought them here today.

Without missing a beat, the young girl turns to her mother and says with confidence, “Because I deserve an apology.”

“You have not been there for anything.”

“All my memories of you are terrible.”

“What you did to my family was horrible.”

“My brother can’t come in here because of you; he starts crying. And I’m not trying to be rude, but it’s your fault.”

The reunion isn’t what you would typically expect after an absence of this length— but in the end, Daisy drew the support of people everywhere who praised her for her maturity and felt she was justified in her response.

Watch Daisy’s incredible moment for yourself below!