More Sad News For The Royal Family. R.I.P

On December 29th, Maximillian, Margrave of Baden, passed away at the age of 89 at Schloss Salem in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. He was the first cousin of King Charles III and the eldest son of Berthold, Margrave of Baden and Princess Theodora of Greece and Denmark, who was the older sister of Prince Philip.

Maximillian inherited the title of Margrave of Baden, the equivalent of a British Marquess, in 1963 and married Archduchess Valerie of Austria in 1966. The couple had four children and four grandchildren. In addition to being an aristocrat, Maximillian was also a soldier, serving in the German Armed Forces until 1990, a businessman, and a philanthropist.

He founded GermanAid-Baden, an aid organization that helps refugees, and had close ties to the Red Cross. There will be two funeral services for the Margrave: an open service for friends, acquaintances, and employees, and a private service for the close family and political representatives.

The title and role of head of the House of Baden will be passed on to Maximillian’s eldest son, Bernhard.