Musical Legend Passes Away At The Age Of 90

The world has lost another musical legend. James Rado, the co-creator of the 1967 Broadway musical “Hair,” died on June 21, 2022, at the age of 90. He passed away in his home in New York City of cardiorespiratory arrest. Rado was a Tony Award winner and a Grammy nominee, and his work on the legendary musical “Hair” helped to shape a generation, and he will be missed by many.

The news of the death of James Rado, the well-renowned co-creator of the 1967 Broadway musical ‘Hair,’ has left a shadow of sadness over the theatre and music communities. Although he was 90 years old, his vibrant energy and whimsical creativity especially touched those generations who lived through the movie’s release.

In 1967 — the year “Hair” premiered onstage — Rado penned an energetic show about a generation’s struggle for self-expression that spoke to even more than just those youth. Up to this day, his musical legacy is timeless and still stands as a culture reference in our collective memory, with euphoric and energizing hits such as “Aquarius” and “Let the Sunshine In” being performed all around the world.

We are truly grateful for what James Rado brought us during his life and will be sure to remember him in the art for many more years to come.

James Rado may have left the world, but his mark on history has been firmly imprinted in our minds. Born in New York City, Rado brought attention to drug use and activism in the peace movement of its time. His final resting place is also located in New York City. He will be dearly remembered for his influential work on ‘Hair’ and appreciated as a cultural icon who pushed boundaries and inspired an entire generation.

James Rado was an extraordinary man who created an iconic piece of musical theatre for generations to come. He will be deeply missed, and his legacy will live on through ‘Hair.’ The life and accomplishments of James Rado are celebrated not only by the people who were lucky enough to call him a friend but also by the millions of lives impacted by his beautiful creations. After having lived a full and incredible life, James Rado sadly passed away at 90 years old, leaving behind his wife, son, and two grandchildren whom he adored so dearly.

As a powerhouse of creativity and innovation, Rado left behind an indelible mark on the theater world. A Tony Award-winning writer and director, his work lives on in his founding of ‘Hair,’ one of the most iconic musicals ever to grace Broadway, which took audiences by storm and transformed the meaning of musical theatre when it debuted back in 1967. A testament to Rado’s talent and brilliance, ‘Hair’ has been revived numerous times over the last five decades and is set for yet another revival this summer. His spirit will live on forever through his innovative works and influential artistic career.