NASCAR Driver Jimmie Johnson And Family Learn Of Terrible News

NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson was scheduled to compete this weekend in Chicago at a NASCAR Cup Series event. Due to a family crisis, he has decided not to compete. His team, Legacy Motor Club, made that announcement on June 27th, 2023, following the tragic news.

Besides being a NASCAR driver, Jimmie is also a family man. He married his wife, Chandra Janway, in 2004, and they have two daughters together, Genevieve and Lydia. Now, Jimmie and Chandra are coping with the tragic and unexpected death of Chandra’s parents, Jack and Terry Janway, as well as their 11-year-old nephew, Dalton Janway.

Even more tragic are the circumstances surrounding these deaths. According to TMZ, a woman called 911 and claimed someone had a gun. Then the call ended. Police told PEOPLE that they believe the woman who made the Terry.

Around 9am on Monday June 26th, police arrived at the Janway home. When they arrived, there was a dead body was lying in the home’s hallway. Then, the police heard a gunshot. They suspect that this gunshot was fired by Terry, committing suicide. Police found two bodies upstairs. Police suspect that Terry killed Jack and Dalton before killing herself when she heard the police arrive.

The Muskogee Police Department is investigating the deaths as a murder – suicide and “additional information will be released if it becomes available.”

Mayor Marlon Coleman spoke to FOX23 about the tragic deaths. Coleman said, “It was traumatizing to find out that a long-standing family who had made so many contributions to our community were involved in this type of incident. It was even more bone-chilling to find out there was a child involved.” Coleman added, “I knew Dr. Janway. Dr. Janway has worked on me, we’ve been acquaintances for a very, very long time since I’ve been in Muskogee. Just knowing that it was him and his family took a different toll on me.”

Dalton’s school and classmates remember him fondly as well and are also shaken up by this tragedy. Ronia Davison, the principal at Sadler Arts Academy, told the Daily Press that Dalton “had a loving smile and he just carried himself in a way that just made him approachable and friendly and someone you wanted to be around.” Davison added, “His classmates adored him.”

Watch the video below to learn more about this tragedy.