New Information About How Jansen Panettiere, Brother of Actress Hayden Panettiere, Was Discovered Dead at 28

New reports about the tragic and unexpected passing of Jansen Panettiere are revealing how the 28-year-old actor was found. According to TMZ, friends of Jansen discovered his body when he failed to show up for a meeting.

As reports revealed, Jansen’s friends “raced to his home” when he didn’t show up for a business meeting he had scheduled. After one of his friends arrived at his house, the friend discovered Jansen “sitting upright in a chair, unresponsive, called 911 and started CPR,” TMZ reports.

After obtaining a copy of the police report, TMZ reveals that police spoke with Jansen and Hayden Panettiere’s father, Skip, who revealed he spoke with his son the night before his death and admitted Jansen sounded “okay.” His cause of death remains unconfirmed.

 Heartbreaking reports revealed that Hayden Panettiere’s younger brother, Jansen Panettiere, passed away at the age of 28. According to TMZ, Jansen was found deceased in a home in New York.

As of February 20, foul play is not suspected. However, his cause of death is not immediately known.

As TMZ reports, law enforcement was called to the New York residence Sunday night around 5:30 p.m. It’s unclear if lifesaving measures were performed or if Jansen was deceased when first responders arrived.

Jansen, like his sister, is also an actor. The brother-sister duo even worked on several projects together in their early years, including Tiger Cruise and Racing Stripes.

While Jansen seemed to have stepped away from the world of Hollywood several years ago, his social media reveals he was seemingly fond of abstract art and clothing design.

Just three weeks ago, Jansen took to Instagram to share a photo of himself and Hayden. The black and white photo depicted Hayden giving her younger brother a haircut.

“Not the first haircut she’s tried to give me,” Jansen captioned the photo. Hayden liked the post. It appears as though the siblings were close.

Hayden has been opening up more and more about her own struggles with addiction and her role as a mom to a beautiful little girl. Currently, Hayden’s ex-husband has custody of their daughter.

She revealed that at the time she signed over custody of her daughter, she was struggling with an addition to alcohol and pills in 2018. Panettiere believes now giving up custody was the best move for Kaya.

“The best thing for my daughter was to make sure she was okay, take care of myself, and make sure I could be a good mom to her. And sometimes that means letting go.”

Our hearts break for the Panettiere family as they navigate through this difficult time.