New Portrait of Princess Catherine Has People Angry

Fans are in an uproar over the newest portrait of Princess Catherine that was revealed.

The portrait was featured on the cover of Tatler magazine.

“Tatler’s July 2024 cover completes a royal triptych of historic magnitude with a new portrait of Her Royal Highness by British-Zambian artist Hannah Uzor,” Tatler reports.

New Portrait Of Princess Catherine Has People Angry

“She has really risen up to her role,” mother-of-three Uzor tells Helen Rosslyn of the princess. “She was born for this. She carries herself with such dignity, elegance and grace.”

According to Tatler, “this recent portrait comes as a follow up to it’s July 2022 Platinum Jubilee cover of Queen Elizabeth II and the July 2023 Coronation cover of King Charles III – the two portraits inspired the new Akoje Residency in collaboration with the King’s Foundation, for African, Caribbean and diasporic artists to spend time at the King’s estate, Dumfries House in Scotland, to focus on their artistic practice.”

Much like the portrait that was revealed of King Charles last week, a lot of people had thoughts.

“A very poor portrait which totally fails to represent the beauty and elegance of the Princess of Wales,” one person wrote.

“Awful. Almost anti Royal putting this on front cover of a magazine,” another person added.

As Mamas Uncut previously reported, Charles was also the talk of the town when he unveiled the newest royal portrait of him.

Big, and red, many onlookers were stunned by the direction the King and the artist took when creating the large painted portrait.

“The new work depicts His Majesty wearing the uniform of the Welsh Guards, of which he was made Regimental Colonel in 1975,” the Royal Family revealed. “The painting will ultimately hang in Drapers’ Hall in London.”

The artist, Jonathan Yeo, explained that he does his “best to capture the life experiences and humanity etched into any individual sitter’s face, and I hope that is what I have achieved in this portrait.”

“To try and capture that for His Majesty The King, who occupies such a unique role, was both a tremendous professional challenge, and one which I thoroughly enjoyed and am immensely grateful for,” Yeo said specifically of the portrait of King Charles.

Many commenters revealed that despite the delicate touch of the butterfly, it left them feeling “not good.”