Nicolas Cage Gets Terrible News About His Family

Nicolas Cage’s eldest son, Weston Cage, is currently wanted for questioning following an incident that took place at his mother’s house. According to TMZ, the incident occurred on April 28 in the Los Angeles area, and Weston, 33, has been named as a suspect in a battery report involving his mother, Christina Fulton.

The incident reportedly started as a verbal dispute between mother and son before escalating into a physical altercation. An ambulance was called to Fulton’s home to attend to her injuries, but she declined to be taken to the hospital. When law enforcement officers arrived, Weston had already left the scene. Investigators are determining whether the case qualifies as felony battery.

Sources indicate that Fulton, 56, was trying to console her son, who was dealing with emotional issues. However, she has refuted claims that an argument took place and has asked for privacy in the matter. Despite this, she was seen in public on Sunday with a black eye and fading bruises on her face while putting coins into a parking meter in Los Angeles. She later met up with an unidentified friend and shared a hug.

This isn’t the first time Weston has had issues with mental health. In 2011, he was hospitalized on a psychiatric hold following a violent incident in Los Angeles. At the time, Fulton blamed Nicolas Cage, stating that his behavior had negatively impacted their son. “Nicolas Cage has damaged and interfered and done something absolutely horrific, and I need to just go get my son,” she said to Inside Edition. She added, “I am the one that raised Weston. I am the one that took care of Weston. His dad was very busy out working as an actor.”

Fulton and Cage started dating in 1988 and welcomed Weston in 1990. The couple broke up within a year of their son’s birth, and Fulton subsequently took on the primary role of raising Weston.

Weston has been married multiple times and has four children. He shares two older sons, Lucian (9) and Sorin (7), with his ex-wife Danielle, whom he was married to from 2013 to 2016. He also has twin daughters, Venice and Cypress, with his ex-wife Hila Arounian. In November 2023, both Fulton and Weston filed a lawsuit against Arounian, alleging that she had embezzled $100,000 and engaged in a smear campaign against them. They also accused her of requesting a fraudulent restraining order that prevented Fulton and her family from seeing the twins.

The lawsuit documents obtained by Page Six read, “This type of character assassination is part of a disturbing pattern of behavior in which Ms. Arounian levies false, malicious allegations against people as a means of coercion and manipulation.”

Fulton alleges that Arounian manipulated Weston into filing a restraining order against her in 2020, which has left both Fulton and Nicolas Cage unable to meet their granddaughters, who will turn four in July. “It is devastating not to see these kids. Nicolas and I haven’t been able to meet our two beautiful little granddaughters at all since they were born. We’re in a quiet, horrible nightmare. It’s insane, painful, hurtful, devastating,” Fulton shared.

Authorities are now seeking Weston for questioning regarding the recent incident at his mother’s house. Representatives for Weston have yet to comment on the matter.