Nollywood actor Felix Omokhodion sobs as he loses his wife to death: “My Heart Cannot Find the Right Words”

Popular Nigerian actor Felix Omokhodion has used social media to express his sorrow over the death of his wife.

The 37-year-old actor informed his followers of the tragic news on his Instagram page.

Felix shared several images of his deceased wife and a passionate message expressing his sorrow.

The actor claimed that his late wife was his partner, guardian angel, and everything. As he said goodbye, he observed that her absence left his life empty, but he found comfort in the knowledge that she is in heaven with the angels.

Felix continued by discussing how much he loves his wife and how that love will never fade.

The actor said that until they are reunited, she will continue to serve as his compass. He continued, “She will always be in my heart.”

May the deceased’s soul find eternal peace.