People are outraged that the child’s parents did nothing to calm down the rude toddler during the eight-hour flight.

It’s the most amazing time of the year to be alive and kicking! The holiday season is a time for celebration, for making things cheerful and bright, and for getting together with close friends and family.

The final one is the one that tends to give people trouble. Even under the most ideal conditions, traveling by air can be a stressful experience, yet this may be necessary to visit our loved ones.

Traveling over the holidays can be, put it mildly, chaotic. When you factor in children, the likelihood of having a smooth and stress-free experience decreases significantly. Children make everything more complicated.

The antics of one toddler were so… rowdy that they quickly became the topic of discussion on Reddit.

The toddler was caught on a hidden camera bouncing up and down on the tray table and rocking the seat in front of them in a short video that lasted only ten seconds.

It just so happened that the seat in front of me was occupied by a gentleman who possessed a great deal of patience. Even though the child was bouncing off of him and pushing him around, the man kept his composure and a neutral expression on his face.

As we’ve gone over, the absence of airplane etiquette, or the lack of airplane etiquette in general, has the propensity to get folks going, and this video was no different. In point of fact, responses to this child’s behavior were more severe than the majority of others.

Despite the fact that the event had already taken place, members on Reddit offered a wide variety of recommendations regarding what the man should have done in this particular circumstance.

Someone offered the following piece of advice: “…If the youngster were old enough I’ll tell them Santa isn’t real,” Another user advised, “Recline your seat as quickly as you can.”

Someone other mentioned that they should have looked into getting a flight attendant to assist them.
One person, who described themselves as a regular traveler, suggested a method that was less aggressive: “Ask politely once. Beyond that, you should refrain from engaging them and instead call for the flight attendant.”

In the event that the issue could not be rectified on the first try, the Reddit user offered more advice, which included suggesting that an air marshal be called or that the flight attendant threatened to alert the captain, who might decide to ground the plane as a result of the disruption.

People’s primary point of contention was with the adults who were present but did nothing while their children were being harmed.
People, of course, had a lot of smoke for the parents who allowed their children to disrupt this poor man’s journey in such an outrageous manner. People also had a lot of smoke for the youngster.

One person remarked, “I would feel like a failing parent if my kids were doing this and I was just straight out permitting it.” This was in response to a statement that another user made.

There was a lot of back and forth with insults such as “selfish,” “idiotic,” and “moron.” When will airlines finally install “kid-free” areas, a subject that has been on the minds of many travelers for quite some time, the general public ultimately inquired.