“People Stare at Us,” A Guy Is Mocked for Dating a 252-lb Woman, but They’re Bonded for Life

Brittany Jacques and Matt Montgomery’s love story defies societal beauty standards and shows that true love transcends appearances. Brittany, who had faced rejection and body shaming in the past, decided to prioritize self-acceptance and close herself off from love. However, fate had different plans.

In August 2020, Brittany connected with Matt through Facebook. Despite their physical differences—Brittany being plus-size and Matt having a slim build—they felt an immediate connection. Previous experiences had made Brittany hesitant, as she had been pressured to change her body by past partners. But their chemistry was undeniable, and they decided to follow their hearts.

The couple faced criticism and hurtful comments from online trolls, questioning their compatibility and Matt’s masculinity. Despite the judgment, they remained steadfast in their love and refused to let negativity affect their relationship. They stood together, determined to prove that love knows no boundaries.

Matt was drawn to Brittany’s body-positive attitude and self-love. He embraced her just the way she was and focused on her happiness instead of pressuring her to change. Their love went beyond societal expectations and misconceptions. They saw each other as soulmates.

Brittany and Matt are proud of their mixed-weight relationship and hope to inspire others in similar situations. They believe that love should not be limited by physical appearance and that all people, regardless of shape and size, can find happiness together. They aspire for mixed-weight relationships to become more accepted and normalized.

Their story challenges the notion that beauty is confined to a specific mold and celebrates the diversity of love. Love, in its truest form, is a powerful force that transcends societal judgments and adds beauty and richness to the world.