Perfectly Timed Photos That Had Us Looking Twice

Not all of us can be professional photographers. But, just as can be seen by these perfectly timed pictures, there are times when all it takes to capture a fantastic shot is to be in the right place at the right time. That’s what happened to these people: the universe aligned everything seamlessly, and all they had to do was take out their cameras and capture the rare moment. From accidental (and hilarious) optical illusions to amazing photobombs, these perfectly timed photos will make your day.

Angelic Firefighter

Not all heroes wear capes; some, like this firefighter, wear wings. Okay, fine, so he’s not actually wearing wings. Someone just happened to capture this firefighter at the perfect moment as he was going up (or down) a ladder while on duty. This photo perfectly depicts firefighters as angels. Maybe “guardian angels” would be a more fitting term since these brave men and women risk their lives to save others.

We hope whoever is the subject of this photo knows that they were captured in such an iconic moment. If we were them or their family, we’d want this framed!

Winning the Ignoring Competition

Wow! Check out this gymnast’s formation – he is as flat as a table! Too bad none of the judges were looking. We are not sure why two rows of judges are ignoring the gymnast here. Maybe they were taking notes about something good – or bad – that the gymnist did a moment before this. But if that’s the case, they should really consider taking turns jotting things down because now they’re all missing this epic moment!

What are the odds that every single judge was looking down at the same time? Some say that the judges thought they were in a competition for “Best Ignorers” in the world.


Many of the photos on this list are a case of someone being in the right place at the right time. But in the case of the photo below, there had to have been two people in the right place at the right time. Not only was the photographer at the perfect spot to capture this beauty, but the girl photographed was also meant to be there at that moment.

That the color of her coat matches the angelic wings is a hint from the universe that this was all meant to be. The person who took this picture knew how to get a photo taken at the right moment.

Mesmerizing Wave

Humans have been mesmerized by water and its power, at least since the moment we started recording history. And it’s not hard to see why – just glance at the gorgeous photo below! If you ask us, this mind-blowing picture is worthy of winning some photography awards. Some camera genius was having a lovely day at the beach when they captured this baby wave that looks humongous when photographed from the right angle.

Oh, the oceans and seas and beaches. These stunning places seem to be showing off their beauty constantly, don’t they? We get it; we get it – you’re beautiful!

When Toilet is Calling You

Wow – to think we have a regular old toilet at home while whoever owns this toilet is going to the bathroom on a divine set of plumbing. Just look at this toilet – it’s clearly a godly one. What else would explain the light shining so perfectly out from inside of it? Or maybe it’s a secret, magic portal to a whole other world. The possibilities are endless.

Maybe it is not like this at all hours of the day. But, when the light comes shining out from within (because it’s totally not coming from the window), the portal to a parallel universe is open.

The Struggles of a Substitute Teacher

The struggle is real for this substitute teacher. We’ve all been there – some of us on both sides of this situation. We’ve all been the students excited to act out slightly when the teacher is gone and the substitute is in the class, and some of us may have also been the substitute feeling the students’ wrath. And if that was ever you, we hope you at least got a hilarious photo like this to commemorate the tough but unforgettable times.

His facial expressions and the word “Help” projected across his forehead could not have made for a more perfectly timed photo. Luckily someone captured it before it disappeared!

A Perfect Sunset

Wow – did a more perfect sunset ever exist? Everything about this photo is picture-perfect: the sun is completely unblocked by any clouds, the fiery orange is reflected on the beach shore, and, of course, the sun somehow landed right in between all the columns holding up this pier. So where exactly can you find such a stunning view? In sunny La Jolla, California, of course. But there’s a catch.

The sun only sets in this exact position twice a year. Yep, that’s right. So imagine how crowded that beach must get during those two evenings a year!

“But First, Let Me Take a Selfie”

We had no idea that falcons have evolved to use smartphones; they particularly seem to like Apple iPhones! Okay, fine, this isn’t a falcon taking a cute selfie to send to their crush. But maybe it’s even better. The person who snapped this photo happened to be sitting by these windows, staring out at the city, when this falcon came and took a seat right in front of them.

And while the human who took the photo was certainly shocked by the series of events, it looks like the falcon was also quite caught off guard. Just look at its eyes!