Pink shares bittersweet conversation with her daughter as she leaves the tour to follow her own dreams

In a bittersweet black and white video, the pop star known as Pink, shared a life update.

Over the last several months, Pink’s daughter, Willow, has been joining her mom on tour. Even appearing on stage throughout the show to dance and sing.

Pink Shares Bittersweet Conversation With Her Daughter As She Leaves The Tour To Follow Her Own Dreams

However, as Pink revealed on Instagram, last weekend was Willow’s last days on the road with her. The reason why is because it’s now time for Willow “to follow her own dreams.”

“I want you to tell me all the things, k,” Pink said as the video begins. “You’re leaving me.”

“Yep, well yeah,” Willow confirms as her mom asks “why would you ever do that?”

That’s when Willow reveals that she’s taking some time to grace another stage. According to Willow, she’s looking forward to her role in the production of

Bye Bye Birdie.

Willow has found a loved of theater, a love that as the singer explained has allowed her daughter to blossom. “I had never seen you so big and like, your energy was six times your body,” Pink said of the first time she saw her daughter on stage in a production of Mamma Mia!

“It was amazing. I was blown away,” Pink told Willow.

Willow revealed that she hopes to do Broadway professionally as a kid and hopefully as an adult.

“You want to be a kid on Broadway,” Pink asks Willow? “Yeah. Then maybe an adult on Broadway after that.”

“You have your own lane and you want to be in and I love that for you,” Pink tells her daughter after promising she wouldn’t cry knowing she would be away from her daughter for so long.

“It is really wild to watch you grow up and grow out of me,” Pink told Willow as she prepares to spread her wings and make a name for herself.

Fans in the comments praised Pink for allowing her daughter to forge her own path. “To be a mama who ‘lets go’ is so wonderfully inspiring; so many children, young and ADULT people don’t have that. You’re awesome,” one person wrote.

“Thank you so much for sharing this with us. Truly inspiring! It is wild to see how you took your own mother-daughter tough experience and turned it into something beautiful for Willow. You’re the best,” another comment read.

“Oh my heart. Willow you will come so far, like your mama.”