Prayers Up: Yandy Smith Is In Critical Condition After Suffering From Serious Disease

Prayers Up: Yandy Smith Is In Critical Condition After Suffering From Serious Disease

Yandy Smith-Harris stopped by Detox Living with Coach Gessie and Angela Yee, where she opened up about her painful battle with fibroids.

Yandy revealed that she initially reached out to Coach Gessie for her sister. The latter was experiencing issues with PCOS, fibroids, and endometriosis. In dealing with her sister’s health crisis, she ended up on her own health journey.

“Coach Gessie wound up coming to my house, and we had a whole session,” Yandy explained. “My sister came, and it was just something that was so needed because I didn’t even know I needed it. I was like, this is for her, this is what she needs. And then, I have fibroids too.”

Yandy reveals that her fibroids began to degenerate and ended up in the hospital. She almost had to deliver her son Omere early as a result.

“So the doctor put me on meds, and they were really hard meds,” she continued. “And they said ‘you have fibroids, and your fibroids are degenerating.’ And that’s what happens. But it was debilitating. I couldn’t stand.”

She admitted to feeling “broke down and busted” on the inside. Coach Gessie put her on a fruit fast, and she started to feel a difference within two weeks. She soon began to feel healthier and more clear-minded.

Fibroids are largely benign tumors that grow in and around the uterine wall causing outcomes that include excruciating pain, debilitating bleeding, blood clots, infertility, negative Black and Brown Maternal health outcomes and so much more. Yandy sharing her story on this below-the-belt and often taboo issue, helps raise awareness about this matter and the options available to help the many women suffering in silence reverse and prevent fibroids integratively through solutions that combine nutrition, stress management, herbal supplements and surgery when necessary.