Prince Harry angrily admits it all

On September 8, while the Queen was passing away, the Duke of Sussex said he was “not invited” to board the royal family’s flight from southern England to Scotland. Prince Harry remembered arriving at Balmoral Castle alone, hours after his older brother Prince William, in a new, shocking interview with American journalist Anderson Cooper for CBS’s 60 Minutes.

Along with Prince Andrew, Prince Edward, and Sophie, Countess of Wessex, the Prince of Wales had traveled north of the border.

Just hours before the Duke’s autobiography Spare’s formal release, Harry made the following claims in a lengthy sit-down that was made public on Sunday night: “I questioned my brother. What are your plans, I asked. How are you and Kate making out on the mountain? And then, a couple of hours later, all of the family members who reside in the Windsor and Ascot area boarded a jet with 12, 14, or possibly 16 seats at once.”

Mr. Cooper then questioned Harry about whether he had been invited to board that aircraft, to which Harry responded, “I was not invited.”

Harry continued to recall the historic day, noting that his aunt Princess Anne had welcomed him to Balmoral Castle.

He arrived at the cherished Scottish home of Elizabeth II after the Queen had passed away.

John said: “My aunt was there to welcome me as soon as I entered the hallway. She then asked if I would like to see her.

“I gave it about five seconds of contemplation before asking, “Is this a good idea?” I then said, “You know what? You are capable of doing this. You must bid me farewell. So, I entered after going upstairs and taking off my jacket and just spent some time with her by myself.”

When asked where he discovered the Queen, Harry replied: “In her chamber, she was. I actually was I was overjoyed for her. because she was done with life.

“Her husband was waiting for her when she had finished living her life. They are buried together as well.”

In a separate interview that was also broadcast on Sunday, Prince Harry described the day his grandma passed away.

He asserted the following in an interview with Tom Bradby of ITV: “My family members had a really, really bad reaction the day she passed away.

“They were then reportedly on the back foot after the briefings, the leaking, and the planting, at least based on what I saw and what other people most likely experienced.

“I asked, “Can we come together as a family? We’re here to honor Grandma’s life and to mourn her passing.” But I’m not sure how we can jointly change it.”