Prince Louis’s Antics Once Again Steal The Show During King Charles’s Coronation

The royal family has been in the headlines for decades. After the tragic passing of Princess Diana in 1997, the world continued to pay close attention to the royals. Princess Diana left behind two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. Prince William met his wife, Kate Middleton, now Princess Catherine, and they now have three beautiful children. First, the couple had Prince George, followed by Princess Charlotte, and most recently, Prince Louis.

Louis was born on April 23, 2018, at the same hospital where William was born, London’s St. Mary’s Hospital. The prince, who emerged at around 11 a.m., was a healthy 8 pounds, 7 ounces. Beyond being the youngest of the Wales bunch, Louis is special in other ways, too.

Louis is an unusual contender for the title of Duke of Edinburgh, as the late Prince Philip notably wanted his youngest son Prince Edward to inherit it, as the Daily Mail reported. In fact, prior to Prince Edward’s marriage to his wife, it was officially stated that the Prince, lacking any royal dukedom or another title, would inherit his father’s once Prince Philip had passed.

Louis is just fourth in line for the throne, preceded by father William and siblings Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Interestingly, Louis was the first male-born heir who would not precede his older sister in the royal succession.

Being the baby of his family, Prince Louis is a fan favorite amongst the royals. The young royal has stolen hearts since he was born, but as he’s growing up, he’s truly stolen the show from his older siblings. Case in point — his cheeky antics during the late Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee celebration in June 2022 and his more recent antics during King Charles’s coronation.

Being an active member of the royal family comes with plenty of responsibilities, so it can be hard for royals to make time for themselves and their passions. Fortunately for the Wales children, Prince William and Kate Middleton have always made sure that Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis have time to engage in all of their favorite activities and further develop their hobbies.

As time goes on, many of the interests of the royal family members become public knowledge, such as the type of music they enjoy listening to – for William, his favorite is rock – as well as other aspects of their everyday lives. The general public also gets to learn more about how royal parents raise their little princes and princesses.

Raising children is never an easy feat, but William and Kate have always done it with grace. And while their kids may not always be the best behaved, they are incredibly adorable to watch, especially as they grow older and show more of their personalities.

As the baby of his family, Prince Louis is a fan favorite among the royals. Not only is he a darling little boy, but he is also one of the world’s favorite royal family members, as his cheeky personality has come out in full force in the last couple of years.

From his public appearances, it’s clear to see that Prince Louis is the charmer of the iconic family. Louis’ birth was a monumental occasion, celebrated not only by the Wales household but the rest of the royal family and even their home country.

According to Royal UK, parents William and Kate made sure to include their two eldest children in welcoming their third child. George and Charlotte visited Louis on the very day he was born.

A few days later, on April 27, 2018, the Prince and Princess of Wales announced that they had agreed upon a name for their youngest prince, naming him Louis Arthur Charles. According to Royal UK, his formal name is His Royal Highness Prince Louis of Cambridge. He is now regarded as Prince Louis of Wales. Louis’ birth was registered just a few days later, and William and Kate quickly began releasing photographs of their youngest child.

In July that same year, the Prince and Princess of Wales had their son, Louis, baptized at the Chapel Royal at St. James’s Palace – a tradition that many families in the royal family have followed for generations.

Looking at the interactions between the members of the Wales family, it’s easy to see that William and Kate really do care for their children. This is especially seen through their positive body language.

Patti Wood, who has both a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in Body Language and Nonverbal Communication, has analyzed the royal family before, and she talked with Insider about her discoveries in June 2019. She first explained William and Kate have exemplified positive body language over the years, from showing relaxation around one another to smiling happily with each other. At times, they have shown that they are “clearly confident and relaxed in the relationship.”

When looking at their interactions with Louis when he was born in April 2018, Wood explained how the royal couple still showed a great desire for one another. In a photograph taken on the steps outside St. Mary’s Hospital, Wood noted how William and Kate were “looking at the baby, but not leaning in as a couple,” leading to a “desire to get closer” to each other.

When speaking with Good Housekeeping in January 2018, body language expert Blanca Cobb talked about how the couple’s body language was proof that they are indeed the backbone of their family. “Overall, their attentive body language indicates that they’re in tune to their children’s emotional needs,” she said.

Dr. Amanda Gummer, a child development expert and psychologist, also chimed in and told Express UK that Kate’s parenting style is “powerful.”It’s lovely to see the Duchess demonstrate some really powerful parenting techniques,” Dr. Gummer said, adding, “(For example) a focus on playfulness and meeting the children where they are at, getting down to their level and meeting their gaze when talking to them.”

Dr. Gummer also added that Kate appeared to be well-equipped to deal with the stress that comes with being a parent to children that grow up in the public eye. “It can be a real challenge for families growing up in the public eye to manage children’s natural behavior,” the expert said, adding, “The Duchess seems to be navigating that road well.”

It’s also clear that Kate and William enjoy being parents and being around their cute kids. “Both Prince William and Kate are all smiles while interacting with their children, letting us know how much they enjoy being parents,” Cobb told Good Housekeeping.

Wood had a similar analysis and especially noted how the parents have been shown to lean down to get to eye level with their kids, creating an intimate moment between the family and away from outside influences. “This behavior shows that their children are their primary focus, regardless of how many cameras are in their face,” Wood said.

Although both parents have shown positive and kind body language to each other and to their children, they showcase their love and affection in different ways. Looking more closely at how the family acts around each other, it’s apparent that William has acted as a protector with his children, specifically with his eldest son George. “William is letting his son determine how much he needs him,” Wood said. On the other hand, Kate has shown her affection for her son in a different way. “Rubbing George’s hair is not only a means of care-taking, but also a way for Kate to protect him from the cameras,” Wood added.

Growing up in such a loving household seems to have given Louis the space to fully express himself, and let us say he is quite hilarious. Aside from being a main attraction of events from his fun and spunky personality, Louis is growing up to be a fun, handsome, and go-getter of a young child.

Children grow up quickly, but photographs allow everyone to relive moments bygone. The Prince and Princess of Wales have therefore taken to capturing their children’s lives in photographs over the years. As a result, there exist a number of cute and adorable pictures of their children that chronicle their growth.

For Louis’ 4th birthday in 2022, photos of him playing on the beach were released. Taken by his mother, who photographs all of the Wales children for their birthday portraits, the images depicted Louis as he’d grown into a young boy.

A picture is worth a thousand words, but live-action antics tell a much more detailed story! It was during 2022’s Trooping the Colour, which took place in June during the late Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee celebration that Louis made an even bigger impression on the public. The young royal first went viral for his reaction during Trooping the Colour. He happily waved at the crowd for one moment before he began to pull funny faces at everyone below.

When the RAF flypast took place, Louis’ mood seemed to have changed quickly as he put his hands over his ears and appeared to let out a yell. Surrounded by his mother and grandmother, Louis wasn’t the only child to cover his ears, as Princess Charlotte did too. Nevertheless, he stole the show that day, despite crowds being delighted to see the queen during her big celebration. The internet made no secret of their love for Louis’ antics, but he certainly wasn’t done. He topped his own high jinks later in the weekend when he went viral once again for his reactions during the pageant. The public reacted with a lot of love for Louis, as they joked about how he embodied all of the emotions one can feel in such a short span of time.

By the time June 6, 2022, came around, it was time for the Platinum Jubilee Pageant. The royal family and many other notable guests, including then-Prime Minister Boris Johnson, were seated in grandstand seating, as they had the best view of everyone. Louis’s relative Mike Tindall — who is married to Prince William’s cousin Zara Tindall née Phillips — may have even predicted that the young royal would be back with more funny faces, as he was photographed light-humoredly showing Louis that he would be keeping an eye on him.

It seems even a well-natured warning from his relative couldn’t stop Louis from putting on another display — this time even bigger than the last! During the pageant, Louis’ face included a whole range of emotions, from boredom and uninterest to cheeky messing around with his mother.

In fact, Kate looked to be having a tough time getting her youngest to behave. Seated next to one another, Kate and Louis even had a little face-off as the youngster grabbed his mother by the chin before he put his hand over her mouth to shush her! He followed that up by sticking his tongue out at her and poking a number of other cheeky faces at her.

Kate took it in her stride, as any mother would do, and by the end, Louis appeared to have calmed down, as he even gave his mom a kiss and cuddle. He also walked over to his grandfather and sat on his lap as well.

Although his parents might not have approved of his behavior, people on social media certainly did. One person paid “tribute” to him and called him “a real mood.” Meanwhile, another said:

“Prince Louis being iconic as always.”

Yet another wrote that he deserved his own “meme section” and couldn’t deal with “how expressive his face is.”

The whole world had its eyes on the United Kingdom over the course of the queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebration, and while it meant a lot to see the queen make multiple appearances in honor of her 70-year reign, there’s no denying that Louis stole the hearts of the people.

It’s no wonder then that King Charles’s coronation on May 6, 2023, saw another slew of cheeky antics from Louis. One can’t fault the little guy, as the hours-long ceremony was certainly a tough event to weather, even for adults! One can hardly expect that children of Louis’s age will just sit quietly for hours upon hours. So it’s not really a surprise that the coronation saw some royal misbehavior, although the royal children were well-behaved overall.

At some points, people even pointed out that Louis appeared to have “disappeared,” as he wasn’t seen during the entire ceremony, according to The Sun.

It started with Louis having a look around the abbey the ceremony took place in, and who could blame him for being curious about the festive decorations and other guests? For most of the ceremony, the guests stayed seated, and Louis did an admirable job, only pulling a few faces before a hearty yawn right at the camera made clear that this little royal was just a regular 5-year-old, after all.

He did earn a stern comment from his mum Princess Catherine when he started talking to his sister Princess Charlotte, but during the customary visit to the balcony after the ceremony, Catherine was much more forgiving. When Louis continued joking around and loudly commenting on the proceedings, even she had to smile.

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